Karachi city a metropolitan city and said to the hub for Pakistan economy but instead of it this city is not getting all facilities .

 Karachiites are facing adverse power shortage there is no electricity on almost half of the day this is not the only problem due to this our industries are directly effected some people said that in the power shotage of karachi city some external hands are involved so that they can directly hit its economy and to creat hurdle in way of Pakistan progress and development.

 In this city you will going to find every class every caste and people belonging to every region and religion this city has its own charm .

 This is the fact that every where you will going to find garbage broken roads impure water and what not but this city is famous for providing employment for deserving one.

 Karachi is said to be the city of lights but now with power shortage you can called this city a CITY OF DARK

The best thing of this city is the food their you will going to find every kind of food no matter belong to any continent.

 I just hope that may this city paved its way toward progress once again and again we can proudly called this city a city of lights.

 Last but not the least its traffic you will going to find the worst traffic therte without any rules and regulation every one is free to go everywhere  .

  I must say that this city is the best city in pakistan but the problem is that this city never met sincere people who work the the betterment and progress of this city and its people and for their problems.


  1. Haani says:

    I am a student at Singapore American School. I have been assigned a project on human rights and as a Pakistani, I have chosen to do it regarding child labour in Pakistan. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions, if it won’t be a bother?

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