By Nayab Sarhandi

Despite the big strides made by the Karachi City district Government in development, the problem of contaminated water continues to be a constant threat to the health of the people of Karachi.

According to Karachi Water Partnership contaminated water kills almost 30,000 people in Karachi every year 20,000 of whom children below the age of five.  There are many areas facing contaminated water problem but the worst affected is Burns Road.

One of the oldest areas, it has also come to be called “Food Street of Karachi”. But ironically, in this area you will get everything except clean water.

Saleem Farooqui a resident of Burns Road revealed that  almost in the entire area sewerage lines are leaking into the  water lines and because of this the people are getting contaminated water .he said  it was not always like this; it happened after the digging done by CDGK for laying new sewerage and water lines.  after that up till the residents  are getting dirty and smelly water sometime dark and some time yellowish with a stink  which cannot be used  for any purpose.

Another resident of Burns Road lamented that in this area hundreds of people come to eat the desi food but they are not aware that the food they are eating may have been cooked in contaminated water there. Though there is no shortage of water in this area but the water which is coming in the main lines is impure and contaminated before storing the water first we have to check the color and smell it because unluckily if we drink contaminated water its like we are risking our life to death   and for fulfilling the need of clean water we are buying water from different sources and the most popular source of getting clean water is Mashkis but it adding extra burden on us.

He said in this area mostly middle class families live whose earning is hand to mouth and in this time of inflation we are spending so much money on buying clean water.

Another resident said we used to buy 3 Mashkis daily and it cost 20 Rs each so the cost for 3 Mashkis is 60 Rs so you can easily calculate that how much we are paying monthly for buying clean water.

Resident of Burns Road claimed that they lodge complain about this problem to Nazim of their area and also to Saddar Town Nazim by the situation remain the same and still unsolved.

 Resident of Burns Road also mentioned that in previous days they use to get chlorinated clean water but now they are getting sewerage water they demanded from CDGK to solve contaminated water problem on immediate basis because its adding extra burden on our budget and their  health is also affecting by it

They demanded that CDGK should plant filter in Burns Road area and if their is leakage in lines so it should be repaired so that they can get clean water instead of contaminated water.

Burns Road is not the only area of Karachi facing this problem but in almost every area complain of contaminated water is coming so what’s the use of placing new lines in every areas when instead of all the efforts done by CDGK Karachiites  not getting clean water.

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