Pakistan and social problems

 Pakistan as a nation is a developing country and consequently faces a wide array of social problems: educational, economical, political, religious and a number of internal ethnic conflicts. However I believe that it is more important to address small issues first and then work towards the annihilation of the larger ones. After all small steps lead to big changes and transformations. Child Labour is a social issue within Pakistan and is considered a violation of human rights by the United Nations. Pakistani society is such that, a poor child can quite conveniently be deprived of basic education, only to feed the rest of his family members. Anyone up to the age of 18 is a child and his basic right is to receive education and proper upbringing rather than use his hands to destroy his own bright future. Children are especially exploited in the third world countries as they are a cheap source of labour and Pakistan children are used as labourers in the Sports Industry, Carpet Industry and the Footwear and in glassware production. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics of Pakistan, 3.3 million out of 40 million children are working in various industries, although child labour is strictly prohibited by law. Child Labour is a serious social problem within Pakistan because the future and progress of any country depends on an educated and enlightened youth and if a child is not properly socialized then he/she will not be able to grow as confident and literate Pakistani citizens. There are various reasons for exploitation of children within the economic sector of Pakistan and such causes are directly related to the major social problems of Pakistan. Sociological Variables as the Causes of Child Labour in Pakistan: The factors that generate child labour within Pakistan are parental poverty and illiteracy; an irresponsible political system; social and economic pressures; lack of education. Social attitudes in Pakistan due to which a child is considered an adult at quiet an early stage due to biological changes, also are a cause of exploitation of children below 18 years. Poverty is a major social issue within Pakistan and as a result children are made to work in various industries in order to support their financially poor parents. The status of the family directly influences the choices available to a child and obviously if a family is extremely poor with comparatively less resources then consequently, each member, be it a child or an adult will be required to work and bring in money in order to survive. The economic and family status in the rural areas of Pakistan id quite low and as a result children are forced to work in various manufacturing and tertiary industries and are also over-exploited.61.2 % of Pakistan is illiterate and poor education resulting in limited exposure to human rights is a major cause of child labour. Education is a sociological variable and is of extreme importance because it emancipates a person from the grip of ignorance. However most people in the rural areas have no access to educational institutions and thus a child learns the tricks of trade from his father and instead of gaining education he chooses to work as a labourer or is at times forced by parents’ due to their own lack of basic knowledge. Pakistan does not have sound educational system under which a child can be adequately socialized into becoming a productive member of society. Education is not treated as a priority and inevitably child exploitation continues within our nation. Girls and boys are forced to work as domestic servants in the homes of the upper middle class or the richer elite. Thus class divisions become more prominent with the exploitation of the poor by the rich and this leads to an inequitable distribution of wealth and income. Pakistan is going through a serious social stratification problem and the rich continuesto get richer whereas the poor continues to get poorer. Girls are exploited within the rich households, are paid less and are often physically harassed by the male owners. This leads to further sex and gender related issues and thus child labour needs to be strongly curtailed. Pakistan needs a strong government and political structure to address the issue of child labour. However President Musharraf’s government is a military dictatorship which considers a nuclear programme a priority but banning child labour is not a serious issue for them. There are loopholes in the political structure of Pakistan and a weak government is a main cause of the denial of rights of the citizens of a country. Therefore children’s rights are largely ignored and deliberately avoided. For a positive change a democracy is needed which will fight against child labour through reformative action and laws and regulations. In Pakistan 7% of children working suffer from health problems and are physically abused as well by their owners. These are all structural problems within the social agencies of Pakistan which not only accelerate the rate of child labour but also set a precedent for other developing nations to follow.

11 comments on “Pakistan and social problems

  1. Ataiyya says:

    The fake govt education in Pakistan.the principle of colleges and universties have less education and they also have no information about admission policies.they gave wrong forms of admission and waste students money.they don’t gave students any type of facility.they are not honest in paper checking process.they don’t know about students time that how he or she prepare him honesty for examination. They gave bad and dishonest students good numbers because of their sources in sindh board and education system and honest student are ruining by these fake and dishonest peoples.
    The ppp,mqm and anp are great looser ,dishonest and cheap parties of Pakistan. They kill innocent people for their own purpose.the ttp party of Taliban is made by them cause they are fake Taliban.these parties person are everywhere in buses, in rickshaws and taxi and street shop.they are responsible for every bad action in Pakistan because they one in these parties are educated.

  2. Soomro says:

    Dear, why are we blaming, our Govt for this, we’ve to think baout ourselve. because, khuda ny aaj tak, us qom ki haalat nhi badli, na ho js ko khyayl apni halat badalny ka

  3. umar hayat says:

    nowadays pakistan face the most serious problem about peace , loadshelding .and democracy.

  4. samavia says:

    i think people of pakistan are not aware of their basic rights.every one is authoritative but they do not use their power or not stand for any rong person.this is the basic problem of pakistan

  5. our education system is completely lost our literacy rate is 50% now because we didnt have facilities specially about education and probally it is the most important wepon for any nation to achieve success

  6. -A- Laghari- says:

    nice one but hw abt the ways to solve these problems? child labor arises due to high rate of poverty, cause its even tearing to see the pangs of hunger among loved one’s……

  7. In a country like ours where 70% population lives in the rural areas people are completely unaware of the importance of hygiene or even education. For them these matters are of no importance and they do not concern themselves with them thinking them useless.

  8. Hira says:

    its the government’s fault who cant lend the poor families money or whom cant set secondary education free as the countries abroad have done. here the defence grabs 75% of funds and that of education is just 1%. how such a country can succeed??

  9. Raja says:

    If children are made to work, whose fault is it; the children, their parents or the leaders who have never let Pakistan proper?

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