In every corner of the world we can witness violence against women, it can be of any kind domestic, environmental, abusive and physical above all women is not safe any where whether she belong to developed country or third world country.

In Pakistani society where the state religion is Islam and it is the only religion which gives equal rights to women, the importance of women can be noted from this saying of Almighty Allah that ‘Paradise lies under mother feet’s” but it is very saddening that now in Pakistan women’s said be equally treated in words of work but unfortunately that have not been given equal rights in changing society of Pakistan.

In Pakistan urban women do enjoy equal rights and are struggling to become a equal part of working society also and their work do get the reward in urban society but the situation is totally opposite in rural areas.

Karo-Kari (murder in name of prestige)   is very common in Sindh province the high rate of acid throwing incidents gives our society a alarming bell that if these brutal acts against women will not be controlled than it will become cause of destruction in society.

In Pakistan feudal, tribal and jagirdarana system is not allowing the government to control violence against women in their provinces because they all are the part of such violent activities and we all remember the recent accidence of Tasleem Sulangi she belongs to well known baloch tribe who called the violence against her the so called norm of their area and this brutal incident was also supported by our so called ministers from the province.

In our society where rights of women are suppressed in the name of prestige but unfortunately this situation prevails because of rising illiteracy women are not educated and if they are educated they are not aware of their rights there are laws in our judiciary to protect them from very king of violence but we are not aware that what law help us in which situation. If we look around our surrounding whether in any class of society we will witness violence against women and these women seems to be helpless because of dependency.

In Pakistani society almost all women are dependent on man for living and after marriage if they become victim of violence than they remain helpless because they have no share in society of their own.

If we want to stop violence against women than first we have to educate our women, aware them about their rights the law which give protection to them in eliminating violence and for our government should take effective measure in making judiciary strong which can provide justice to women.

There is no need to make further laws for women rights because laws are there but implementation is not there so it’s high time to a act practically instead of doing paper work which only remain act as a written record instead of implementation.


  1. Tang says:

    I like this article so much, especially last 2 paragraphs…thats true!

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