Proper housing is yet another problem for the karachiites we used to hear of building collapse and roof collapse accidents after every few months in which great number of lives are lost. Since the bulk of population is poor and belong to middle class families they are worst effected by the problem of housing.

Karachi has been divided into 18 Towns and in almost all towns dilapidated and old buildings exist and are being used for residential purposes but Saddar Town one of the most crowded towns of the city has the highest number of buildings that have been declared dangerous by KBCA.

“According to Saddar Town Nazim Muhammad Dilawar 200 buildings in premises of sadder town had earlier been declared dangerous by KBCA and have been said to have a high risk of collapsing due to their bad condition”.

After the roof collapse in Burns Road area a couple of days before while taking a note on this CM Sindh Has asked the authority concerned to carry out a survey of old and dilapidated buildings but in vain.

There are hundred of such buildings in different locations of Karachi that have been declared dangerous by KBCA and notices of evacuation of buildings have also been issued but which are still being used for residential purpose.

People living in them have ignored the notices of evacuation due to various reasons including lack of funds for getting other proper accommodation.

“One of the residents of dilapidated building located in Urdu Bazaar has said that construction of additional floors without proper planning and use of sub-standard construction material is common in buildings constructed in old city”.

Another resident of dilapidated building lamented “That people living in such buildings are fully aware that there lives are at risk and these kinds of buildings can be damaged at any time without giving any signal but we don’t have any option except pray for our safety with every passing day”.

Some of the residents of Saddar area lamented that in this area most of the buildings had been built before partition and now they are in worst condition and can be collapse at anytime but we are helpless we are living in it, in this economic crises time when poverty and unemployment are at peak, business is totally finished in this situation how can we even think of getting another accommodation.

Another resident has said that in this economic crises time house rents become so high that it become out of reach of average salaried person and due to rising poverty people are living in dilapidated, poverty stricken condition without proper access to basic facilities including proper housing.

Residents of dilapidated and old buildings that have been declared dangerous by KBCA in sadder town premises has demanded the Sindh Government to provide substitute accommodation to residents of such buildings and adopt strategies for saving their lives.

They also demanded from KBCA that action should be taken against those who illegally construct floors over buildings and occupied all space by illegal construction with substandard material and risk the lives of others in danger.

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