Deadly blast in Karachi killed 50 and more than 100 inguired, the blast took place during Moharram procession at M.A JINNAH road it took lives of so many innocent people so many lifes have been destroyed so many families get ruined. The news of blast spread like jungle fire in city taking the advantage of the situation anti social elements starts created more trouble they set on fire markets, buildings, cars to creats attention and fear among people.Police and rangers seems to be helpless they could not do any thing in saving peoples lifes as well as their properties. The condition in Karachi is like what to do, and to whom to trust who will give assurance to people for safety of lifes and their properties like shops and building and who will going to control all these anti social element who want to destroy peace of the city and want to create sectarian disharmony, all these people only want to destabilizre pakistan and want to take control on our nuclear assert but people of Pakistan will not allow all these anti social elements and as well as super powers to destroy our country which has been created on name of Islam because Pakistan is said to be called the gateway of islam.

Coming back to Karachi blast again government has declared it A suicide blast and as usual they are free they do not have to give any explinations to nation that from where thses so called bombers are coming and the important one Who is Funding them and supports them in completion of their evil designs.They can easily say Pakistan is in state of war but they never anser when we will come out from this situation and when brutal killing of innocent people in blasts and terrorists attacts will be stoped and Pakistan once agaion become a peaceful place. The only thing that left with pakistani nation is HOPE for better future of their country and coming generations.

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