Uncertainty, terrorism, suicide attacks, brutal killings of innocent people, poverty, rising inflation, corruption, instability and inefficiency of government leaders, financial crises, shortage of edible items become fate of Pakistan and its people in year 2009.

2009 proved to be the worst year for Pakistan and its people in this year we were in grip of terrorism on almost every day we heard that lives of so many innocent people were lost in suicide attacks and the condition prevails the same in the coming year also.

People of this country witnessed every kind of difficulty and their lives are in grip of social problems Pakistani government fails to provided any kind of relief to its people it seems that our government is like a puppet in hands of so called Super Powers THEY  are helpless even that they do not have a right to say no to drones attacks in which lives of so many innocent people were lost.

PPP government whose slogan is food, shelter clothing proved to be the worst government than Musharraf regime, and now the condition is such that poverty and inflation is at peak, unemployment rate is rising day by day now the condition of average salaried person living in Pakistan become so worst that they can not even think of proper housing people became hand to mouth selling their children for earning money and for supporting their living.

The condition of education in this year proved to be worst thanks to our Sindh Education Minster who is ready to destroy the condition of government schools which are already in worst condition he take a remarkable decision of abolishing uniforms system from government school so to add more burden on poor people and to increase sense of complex among poor students, being a education minister he should do some steps to improve education system and to provide education at affordable price the condition is so worst than even a middle class family can not afford higher education for their children and become helpless.

The other issue which take out the breath from Pakistani nation is shortage of edible items wheat, sugar is out from Pakistani markets once again and if its available so than it is out of reach of common man retail and whole sellers are charging prices of their own will.

No clean drinking water no electricity with the start of New Year Pakistani government gave a new year gift to Pakistani nation by increasing electricity and gas tariff which add more burden on its people despite of load shedding we are paying huge bills which our government is spending on their luxuries lives as well as on their families.

The condition for common man in Pakistan become so worst that there is high increase in suicide rate people are taking their lives so that they can get ruined of all problems.

As a concerned youth of Pakistan about future of my country I can only say that what Pakistan actually need right now is LEADERSHIP, strong leadership with sincerity can change the fate of Pakistan and in this case only we will be able to survive other wise it is very hard to go on smoothly.

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