Education is said to be the backbone for the progress and development of any country and its nation, pakistan is said to be a third world country in a developing stage and for progress it need to improve education system, pakistan education system is divided in name of caste, class and status a lower class not send their children to upper class schools because these high standards schools are unaffordable.

It is not that there are no government schools and colleges they are  in every corner of streets but said to be called a ghost schools the banner carriers the name of the school is up in the top and their are large number of students who are enrolled in so-called government schools but unfortunately no teachers and if so, so they do not know  HOW TO TEACH they all are busy in gossiping, debating on one another character if luckily they attended the schools.

The condition of government schools in pakistan is so world that there you will not going to find any sort of learning these schools are said to be situated for betterment and education of those who cannot afford education at private institution which are charging high fees to  make you educated.

Pakistan education system   become worst because of no proper planning in field of education private schools become the business and this is the reason of demotion of our education system because if their would no  private schools  so the standard of education will not be the same all private schools are not good the school which will charge high fee it will also give standard to the education of enrolled children’s this all is pre-planned to rise complexities and to divide the population according to status.

Governments schools children, average private school and upper class school children can easily be distinguish.

These are the reason which become source of crimes and other anti social activities when there is inequality in society than the structure of society will be disorganized and it give rise to anti social activities.

If the standard of education would improve though making only one standard of education and most important by improving standard of government schools than that day is not so far when pakistan literacy rate will start rising. There are some of the important factors which contribute in lowering the standard of education in pakistan.











These are some of the main factors which give rise to illiteracy poverty said to be the evil cause of all social problems that exists in Pakistani society and  Pakistani government should wake up now and start taking steps to improve education system because we can only progress when we will give equal opportunities of education to every class and

government school girl waiting for proper furniture

where are the teachers

some of the children of different government schools

do not restrict quality education to upper class only and in this regard we need to do more and want support of other countries also their should be some steps taken for poor children who are doing child labour and not going to  schools because they do not afford it and if they do not work than who will feed them so for them special schools should be formed who also support their living with education.


  1. Naveed khan says:

    maam i was given a topic by the teacher your blog helped me alot.. what u wrote is absolutely right and amazing..

  2. Azfar A Khan says:

    Pl write correct English in this blog.

  3. I agreed with most of the points of your article, but we are progressing in this field, secially the cadet college structure helping alot.

  4. Muhammad Abbas says:

    I Am Agree . . . You Are Absolutely Right . .

  5. Shamim Abbas says:

    Dear Nayyab: I am little bit disagree with your point of view because you have not mentioned the core education flaws (please review my site). We all are responsible to make strong education system in Pakistan. In my point of view Pakistan has poor education system, following challenges and suggestions are accordingly.

    A. Every new government have different educational policies with objectives through out history (the objectives and goals not achieved)

    B. The nation have to face multiple educational systems through out history(Traditional-Madrassahs and Modern system-Public&Private)

    C. Millions of children are not going to schools and millions of mothers are unable to feed due to poverty ratio in the country

    D. The state is unable to control increase population ratio (current above 180 million people)

    E. Missing the importance of education especially in rural areas all over the country

    F. Terrorism and extremism effects on Pakistan education system


    A. The sitting government should have a proper meeting along with all educational stakeholders to summarize the features of previous “National Educational Policies” and achieved objectives so that final decision can be taken accordingly

    B. The sitting government should specify the education GDP at least 4% to increase literacy rate in the county especially in rural areas and formulate “One Education System”

    C. To reduce poverty ratio, it need to increase awareness of education importance. This is the basic responsibility of government to provide free of cost education at primary level as per Pakistan Constitution

    D. Pakistan media and society are equal responsible to aware about over population effects on education system

    E. Pakistan education system has badly effected through terrorism and extremism, hundreds of girls school have destroyed especially in KPK and Baluchistan. It’s our basic responsibility to support the sitting government and Pakistan Army to get ride of it

    F. To provide quality education all over the country, youth should offered services especially in education field (however it is the government responsibility to provide teaching opportunities)

    G. All educational institutions themselves should conduct training sessions to develop teachers skills.

  6. Asad says:

    Its too bad to blame on teachers….. The teachers in Pakistan are well educated but we don’t wanna get educated… What we do in classrooms?? And after class and in home .. Just wastes our times by listening songs and watching movies… If we use internet for getting knowledge we will become the great ones ……..but…. I’m feeling so shame on posting this but. .

  7. Waseem says:

    Disagree strongly………………. What is the reason for writing such a blog ? Why do you want to spoil the image of a country where you have learnt how to write a blog? This is a dilemma and melancholic condition . This is not worst at all … Lastly where are your suggestions for improvement…… This is not fair at all.

  8. Enaya Khan says:

    very nice blog

  9. Sadia says:

    Mare ak dost govt. School man parhti hy mujhy os ka addrass ya number chahiya if it possible please inform me at my email addras.

  10. oh man we are standing on 157 out of 180 countries bcoz our courses are same which or parents studies but the covers are changed we cannot progress nothing we can get from laptops or pads…The world is looking forward but we are 30 to 40 years back from them…

  11. Syed Anis Ahmad Bukhari says:

    In our society the main factor which is hindered in education are our politicians and Government who are not sincere with our poor and due to wealth they are bringing their children in educational institutions on self finance scheme, while poor are deprived from education and in spite of Govt. schools there is no attention given by the Government. On the other hand politicians influence and quota system in education field poor children are constraint to collect derbies and rubbish from the heaps to run their expenses, education is very far from them even they can not fight with the diseases.

  12. Asif Khan says:

    nice blog …… am visiting it for the first time
    i realize thAt it is very useful blog ive ever seen….

    • Shoaibullah Essazai says:

      We all r in trouble because lack of well developed education system.. main thing is that v r ruled by politicians not leaded by leaders.. we all know politicians think for next election while leaders think for next generation…first v should pay attention on leaders then our eduction system will become fantastic…………….

    • Ahjab mughal says:

      Exactly. ….it’s really brilliant blog

  13. Ataiyya says:

    The fake govt education in Pakistan.the principle of colleges and universties have less education and they also have no information about admission policies.they gave wrong forms of admission and waste students money.they don’t gave students any type of facility.they are not honest in paper checking process.they don’t know about students time that how he or she prepare him honesty for examination. They gave bad and dishonest students good numbers because of their sources in sindh board and education system and honest student are ruining by these fake and dishonest teachers.
    April 10th, 2013 at 3:21 PM
    The ppp,mqm and anp are great looser ,dishonest and cheap parties of Pakistan. They kill innocent people for their own purpose.the ttp party of Taliban is made by them cause they are fake Taliban.these parties person are everywhere in buses, in rickshaws and taxi and street shop.they are responsible for every bad action in Pakistan because they are.

  14. arslan amar says:

    pakistan’s educational system also apriciating very bad habit of cramming

  15. arslan amar says:

    you should also menstioned the very bad habit of cramming which is apriciated strongly by our educational system

  16. Sadaf Suhail says:

    I would like to use one of the pictures titled “where are the teachers” for an NGO’s website called Yaqeen Global, operating in UK for the welfare of kids from both India and Pakistan. Can I do so?
    Please let me know at creatted@gmail.com
    thank you

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  19. Today there is nothing stable in Pakistan. now we can just hope that a miracle change all the system as well as study.
    In Pakistan, The most corrupt thing is Favoritism which had sacked a lot to Pakistan.
    we just can hope that God bless Pakistan and it is.

  20. Burhan Ahmad says:

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