Pakistan seems to be a country without leadership qualities in its leaders, corrupt and dishonest persons are ruling the government, its all because of our well educated people who do not cast the vote and due to them corrupt people get appointed as president and prime minister of Pakistan and as a result whole nation suffers in hands of these corrupt politicians who are busy in looting national treasure and after that begging from other countries for the support.

Pakistan is in grip of terrorism and facing worst time civil war have been started in northern areas of Pakistan on the other hand Balochi people demanding for their rights according to them Pakistan did not give any thing to them  so waves of making Balochistan a separate province is at peak, Siraikis are demanding for Siraikistan so in this way what will be the future of Pakistan the country which has given every right to every individual but still blamed, it’s the time when Pakistan need support of its nation and all provinces with unity to fights from external threat as well as internal.

Pakistan is facing financial crises on the other hand and on the other hand Pakistani society is triggered by all social problems including shortage of edible items in this way how this country will progress Pakistan is a third world country in a developing stage and said to be called the big allies of America in fighting war against terror and supporting America in its every mission due to this our country turned in to the battle ground on almost every day basis lives of innocent people are lost in deadly suicide attacks which said to be done by Taliban’s,  or some external hands are involved in all these blast and terrorist activities took place in Pakistan.

The perspective of common Pakistani is that Taliban are behind what ever happening in Pakistan, some said America is supporting Taliban providing arms and ammunitions and some said Black Water is behind all this, an infamous security company who want to destabilized Pakistan and wanted to create sectarian disharmony and uncertainty and America and Pakistani government is fully aware of what ever Black water is doing in Pakistan.

So the question is that from where they come from and how they enter in Pakistan the fact is that our government is making us fool if Black Water is working in Pakistan so Pakistani government have allotted visas to them and they all are fully aware but instead of all this Pakistani government is denying the fact about Black Water secret mission in Pakistan.

People of Pakistan want answer of what ever happening in Pakistan but our so called puppet government is failed to answer all the queries which are in mind of every Pakistani.

America have its own interest he want to transfer their war in Pakistan for lowering down its economic burden and he can not see Pakistan as a nuclear power and want to take hold on Pakistan nuclear asserts so for fulfilling its evil designs America is using all tactics with the cooperation of our corrupt and dishonest political leaders who are fully supporting America and  to some extend they have been succeeded in providing harm to the stability of this country  now Pakistan is in grip of terrorism and the situation will remain the same until if we could get rid of corrupt people in the government who have their own interest but still ruling the country and destroying the future of Pakistani nation.

What actually Pakistan need right now is honest and sincere leadership and for this we should grab out all these corrupt and dishonest people from our politics and in this way only this country will start progressing and will be saved from external as well as internal threats all all t5hose people who are raising voice against Pakistan should be throw out and they should be hanged.

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