Inaugural of pedestrian bridge in front of silver jubilee gates of university of Karachi after the death of KU student one years back Anum Zehra she was hit by dumper and due to this one precious life has been lost but she sacrificed her life and now saved lives of thousand of students after her death university authorities opened the eyes and it result in construction of bridge named as anum zehra pedestrian bridge. One problem has been solved but KU students is triggered by so many problems over crowded buses is yet another problem which KU students usually faced due to lack of buses and its worst condition students suffers but still no solution has been offered till yet by university management the only thing the student have is ‘promises’ and they hope that one day these promises will be fulfilled by the authorities concerned.

On arrival of every new student senior students informed them about the political parties’ involvement in KU they alert the students that you should be ready for the clashes that some times result in violence when quarrel start among opposing parties, these parties are so strong that even Professors are helpless one student told me that on my first day at KU we were welcomed by activists of different political parties and than before the orientation class that supposed to be deliver by chairman of the departments and other professors  we had our orientation starts with the speech of APMSO activist who distributes the brochures of his party and informed the new comers that how it was formed and still going and when they professors entered to start the orientation  they asked the activists to come out of the class room but they first finished his speech and than leave the class finally we are in saved hands as soon As official orientation finished the activists of jamait came to introduced  and enlightened the students about their vision newcomers were not interested in listening to them so they closed the door of class room and it seems like we are hostages we have to listen each and every word carefully after all they are some thing BIG.

Looking at current situation and involvement of politics in educational institutions why government is not taking any actions to make educational institutions clean from any party politics and violence activities that took place in result of violence. Their should be banned on political parties in universities that are destroying the future of Pakistan

KU is said to be one of the finest institution of Karachi city because it is blessed by experienced and dedicated teachers like Moonas Ahmer Chairman of IR Department so step should be taken for providing better, healthier and safe and secure environment for the students and for solving problems faced by students


  1. Karachi Pupils Collegiate

    Please google us for contact info.

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