Empowerment of women is very important for the progress of the society. Pakistan is said to be a male dominant society but Islam has given equal rights to women but these rights are not given to her in Pakistani society but in this situation Pakistani women are struggling to make their mark in society and not to be a burden on others. The question is that who will bring the change in rural areas of Pakistan, urban women although have equal representation in society but in rural areas the situation is worst Tribal system do not allow women to raise their voice in front of men.

The rights of rural women are suppressed  and life for them is not easy they do not have their own choice they are like a puppet in hands of their so called man its all because of lack of education they are not even  aware that what rights Islam has given to them. According to Islamic teaching women carries equal rights that are given to men.

It’s all because of lack of parent’s education because they considered their daughters inferior and do not give equal rights as they are given to their sons.

If the parent will considered daughters inferior than in this situation life of girl get ruined the only thoughts left with daughters of such parent is their marriage and this thing is induced in their mind since childhood that what your parent choose for you is the best and you have no right to go against their decision or even expressing what you want to be and what’s your choice.

This was the situation of rural women and I have no hope of improvement in the current situation and of Taliban’s areas where they said to be ruled although it’s a different topic lets move to condition of urban women although now they working getting higher education and even some girls are fully supported by their families but this thing is not the same with every girl, they have to faced problems in surviving in male dominant society but still they are struggling and will make their own identity.

What’s the need of time is to change the mindset of Pakistani men that if women are coming out for work so she has her respect she is coming to support her living as well as other. Women are not a show piece for such kind of man who considered working women as characterless and they supposed that they are coming out to entertain the man.

So all Pakistani working women be strong and crushed all such men’s under your feet who considered their daughters, sisters and wives the innocent and precious and respectable and do not respects other women in society this is due to the reason of loosening our cultural values, norms and Islamic teachings.

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