Why America want to destabilize Pakistan? This is the question in minds of every Pakistani but still unanswered by our government. The recent evident of presence of Black Water in Pakistan has proved that they are in our country and working against us want to destabilized us and than want to take hold on our nuclear asserts because America do not want to see Pakistan as a nuclear power a powerful neighbor between China and Iran.

Black water is not a, mystery now it is a proven reality but our so called puppet government is denying about the presence of this brutal contractors in Pakistan. The situation is now become so worst that they are involved in ongoing activities in northern areas of Pakistan it is revealed by famous US journalist. The involvement of Black Water in Pakistan northern areas is not in interest of Pakistan and its people we have our forces we know how to protect our people, its all the weakness of Pakistani government the increasing drones attacks and demand of America of doing more and more without thinking that what we will get in the end.

America do not care that what we are facing he is only watching his safe side and want to transfer his war in to Pakistan’s territory and he has been succeeded but we dumb Pakistani not understanding his evil design and giving so much leniency to him that he is targeting our territory without the fear that so many innocent has been killed in the air strikes. Drone attacks are not in favor of Pakistan it is be3coming a cause of hatred among Pakistanis for America and in this entire situation he deserve it.

According to President Obama policy the intensity of Drones will increase he is the one who recently received so called Noble Peace Award?” Have you ever think why, for causing brutal activities or killing Pakistanis in drone strikes the number of Taliban Leaders is very few but the ratio of innocent people has reached to 700 and its rising on every day basis.

It is need of time that America should review its policies for Pakistan stop sending contractors for killing innocent Pakistani should stop Drones Attacks on immediate basis because it is giving rise to TERRORISM. America only want to lowered the Economic budget and the defeat he is facing in its occupied countries but the question is that why America chose Pakistan for his safety why not India it can only be answered by American Gover4nment it self for its diplomacy behavior and favoritism between PAKISTAN and INDIA the recent news of screening at American Airport in this Pakistan name is on top despite of ignoring the fact that Pakistan is sacrificing so much on so called War on Terrorism which is gift of America to Pakistan.

This proves that Pakistan can not see Pakistan as a progressing and developed country but in Pakistan destruction Pakistani government is fully involved they are protecting themselves and throwing Pakistani nation in FIRE and destruction.

Its my true wish that may Allah give Pakistan a sincere leader and this country should get rid of such corrupt leaders which are ruling now-a-a days we need change, change in our corrupt system we need a person who follow the vision of Quaid-e-Azam, his sincerity and Honesty.

GOD bless Pakistan and save it from devastation.

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