Looking at the present situation of Pakistan where terrorism is at peak, people are living in dilapidated condition without proper access to basic facilities like health, sanitation, proper housing, education and other it is truly be called that Pakistani nation is triggered by all social problems that exists in society. These problems are also the gift of government for its people in Pakistani society poverty is at peak people have no time for themselves socio-economic crises is there in Pakistani society, unemployment is rising population is expanding, How to earn the living is the question in mind’s of every Pakistani due to this situation suicide Rate is increasing in Pakistani society on daily basis. According to the sources almost 60 people lost their lives in year 2009 in Karachi by attempting suicide and 20 people were saved in different localities so if the ratio is 50 -60 in one city so anyone can easily estimate the annual death ratio through suicide in Pakistan. Let discuss some of the causes of suicide in Pakistan prior to Pakistani society they are

 1) POVERTY Pakistan is a third world country blessed with corrupt government leadership and corrupt officials, almost every Pakistani is in debt even the new-born baby, industries are closing down, business is almost finished due to irresponsible behaviour of government its fail to give even basic facilities to its people Pakistani government only job left is to beg with others well to do countries so that they can allot Aid on name of rehabilitation work of Pakistani people and all the Aid went in pockets of these corrupt nobles who called themselves as well wishers of Pakistan and claims to own Pakistan as it their private property Now the condition become so worst that almost 60% of Pakistanis are living below the poverty line but people are helpless and poverty become the major cause of suicide in Pakistan.

 2) UNEMPLOYMENT .Unemployment people arte willing to do work but they don’t have work because Pakistani is facing worst financial crunch even those people jobs are not saved who are working in leading companies. Pakistani youth future is not saved they are getting higher education by spending large amount of money but they don’t have a job guarantee it doesn’t matter how educated and intelligent you are you are jobless and this lead to high rate of suicide among Pakistani youth because they have to support their families but stay helpless.

 3) LACK OF EDUCATION Education is one of the basic thing through which we can change our lives but in Pakistan every one is not blessed with quality Education, Pakistan have dual educational system divided in Government and private government schools are for people who can’t afford quality education and private schools are for those who can afford quality education and have to contribute in society. If the youth is not getting education than for them life become difficult and this frustrating situation become the cause of suicide.

4) LACK OF RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES Pakistani society is lacked in recreational activities like healthy sports, festivals and other sort of thing which give life to people and help them to come out of worries. In Pakistan the criteria of sports activities is different you will not going to find sports activities every where for this you have to pay you have to join some clubs which is unaffordable for every one. This also contributes in suicide because empty mind is evil’s mind.

Others are









These were a few reasons that contributes in increasing suicide rate in pakistan and for controlling it step should be taken for prevention and rehabilitation of less privileged Pakistani people nd it is the duty of government to give every facilities to citizen at their door step because it is right of every Pakistani.

God save pakistan and help Pakistani  nation.


  1. Mustapha says:

    Maasha Allah another vital issue to tackle here Nayyab,thank you so much. i wish this blog should be link to your facebook as well because from my studies the user of Facebook are more than twitter.

    My contribution here will be based on my observation so far. I have been living in Islamabad since Musharaf tenure and you could also testify that his tenure and the present so-called Democracy has a big different whereby Musharaf time do not have as much suicide bombing. Let us flash back to the time when Pakistan is even more poorer than the present time, then there was no Suicide bombing let alone at the the time an average young boy wants to puts on good designer clothes and enjoy the world at the emergence of Info-tech which enables him to see the world through internet. i beg to disagree that poverty is not the cause of Terrorism. Take the example of the Nigerian who tried to bomb the US plane on 25th Dec,2009 from Amsterdam. The boy came from a wealthy and comfortable family,he never tasted poverty in his life. As a Nigerian, i can testify that the boy’s Father is part of those who controls Nigerian economy.

    let us look at another angle of the Pakistani government foreign policy, Political instability and like you pointed out lack of proper education because mothers have neglect their duty as the first teacher of the child but unfortunately the majority of Pakistan woman lack sound education and information. with all these we still cant address the issues or reduce this problem.


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