Karachi is said to a hub of Pakistan economy and it now become a financial capital of pakistan, but the thing which we are lacking behind is preservation of heritage of Karachi which reflects its old culture and tradition. The recent incident of MA Jinnah road said to be one of the oldest area of Karachi city is totally burnt boltan market and the adjoining areas which where all buildings were made before prepartition times are no more.

Anti social elements have also burnt the old Karachi maps and other heritage things which should be  preserved for the coming generation. Now Karachi has been divided in new and old the new Karachi is totally built according to modern architecture but the old Karachi where you will going to find a touch of culture blends with heritage and old values but these areas are now become dilapidated and almost many buildings in old Karachi has been declared dangerous but instead of all this people are living in such dilapidated buildings because of their bad economic condition.

It is need of time to preserve of cultural heritage in a proper way so that our coming generation should know about old artitectural designs that were used in before pre partition time.

Government and cultural ministers of every province should drive a campaingn to preseve old old heritage which is destroying after every passing day.

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