Karachi University said to be one of the best university in province, blessed with best and experience teachers but still it has an ugly side also. It can also be said that there is no administrative structure no help for the students for solving their problems you can said that mismanagement is at peak at KU, in the offices you can surely witnessed the true government office environment  office staff  of every department are not concerned that what are the problems faced by the students in taking out their degrees and dealing with other education chores; they have to suffer in hands of these so called clerks who only wanted to create hurdles, despite of solving the issues.

KU is doing well in academics but it has to review the administration also there is no one who could solved the things on immediate basis for taking our the degree you have to go through such a long process and in this your whole day go waste, the office staff is not concerned that how much they are creating troubles.

The vice-chancellor should review this matter and try to better the management and public dealing staff of Ku so that people do not find hurdles in coming to such a best university. Proper management and handling should be their instead of creating hurdles for the people.

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