On almost every day basis we are hearing news of irresponsible and negligent behavior of hospitals and doctors in Pakistan on almost every day these so called doctors took lives of so many patients but still there is no such law to punish such irresponsible doctors, my family also suffered from hand of doctors of leading private hospital in Karachi.

Liaquat National Hospital Karachi worst hospital charging so high and the performance of their doctors are null they are good for nothing, the doctors at this hospital is experimenting on ICU patients the most serious ones without the fear of being punished. My family is among the effecters from this hospital, my grand mother was suffering for diaheria so we took her to this bloody killer hospital carries a good reputation in city than what happened in the emergency of the hospital that the nurse induced a injection in her drip and their was some thing wrong my grand maa was alright before the injection but suddenly her heart beat goes up than we informed the doctors but they said she is alright finally after some while she had a severe heart attack we were surprised that what happened after the injection  we were about to returning home as soon when her drip was over but we couldn’t brought her home alive after the severe heart attack her condition become worst and than they shifted her in ICU and their she was going through different experiments which doctors were doing only to make a large amount of bill they put my grand maa on ventilator on almost every day they were doing dialysis without informing us and we remain helpless for almost 22 day that we spend in hospital because my grand maa was in hands of butchers of LIAQUAT NATIONAL HOSPITAL KARACHI and on 22 night one junior doctor went in her room at almost 2.30 AM and start practicing of passing a stunt for dialysis without caring that from which condition she is going through and dialysis canola was already given to her, but this bloody RMO fails to passed the stunt and with excessive bleeding my grand maa lost her life, and we were not aware of all this situation what happened with her when we enter to see her she was no more and the hospital management start lying no she is alright trying to make us fool but we saw her flat ECG the doctor run away this whole story was narrated by a ICU GATE KEEPER TO US finally we brought her death she gone to hospital by walking on her own feet’s but returned to her home as a death leave her family alone.

My family finally registered a case against the hospital and doctors but I know nothing will going to be happened and that RMO still working in hospital and ready to take lives of almost all patients all the patients which were in LIAQUAT ICU are no more one by one they all lost their lives due to negligence of hospital staff I am narrating this story to inform to all my readers to please do not take your patients to LIAQUAT NJATIONAL HOSPITAL KARACHI for sake of saving lives of your loved ones.



 The city government officials raided a number of private hospitals in Karachi and recovered veterinary medicines and other medical supplies that are used for treating humans.
The city government team raided a number of hospitals, medical stores and maternity homes in middle-income area of New Karachi. During the raids, it was revealed that veterinary injections are used on humans in some hospitals.
The city government staff raided a maternity home in Fatima Jinnah Colony, New Karachi, and recovered low quality medicines, and injections produced for veterinary use. The lady doctor at the hospital managed to escape using a back door. The city government team also recovered used syringes from the premises, which were reused after being boiled.
The city government team also raided private hospitals running in houses in Black market, Sector 5-D and Sector 5-J and recovered huge quantity of veterinary injections. The team also raided a private homeopathic hospital. The doctor who was pretending to be an allopathic doctor escaped the scene. The hospital was using name of a well-known doctor. However, when the team contacted the doctor he said he doesn’t have anything to do with any such hospital.
New Karachi Health Officer Dr Mohammad Irfan said that he has been receiving complaints about usage of low quality medicines in private hospitals. He said that the notice issued from Supreme Court has also directed the town health officers to take action against these people.
According to the city government officials, complete report of fake doctors will be sent to EDO health in a few days and it is critical to take action against enemies of humanity.


  1. Taha Tungekar says:

    can you please tell me names of the doctors at that time ?

    we have faced the same and our grand mother is still admitted their. Same things are happening with us.

    Please need your help.

  2. tahamunir says:

    My grandmother also received same kind of treatment! She was admitted with a broken leg but first the doctors recommended not to operate on her leg but after a few days when we were about to leave hospital asked to operate. When the operation date arrived, that doctor went on leave and another doctor operated and gave medicines which led to worsening of her health she was shifted to ICU where in the same way the ventilator and dialysis were introduced and she eventually passed due to lungs failure because of infection caused by unsterilized stuff. Please dont admit patients at this butcher house!

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