Child Domestic Labour is increasing in Pakistani Society and there is no such law which gives protection to domestic employed children. Child Domestic Labour is one of the worst forms of Child Labour. With the rapid change and Urbanization there is an increase in number of children employed as domestic servants.

The recent incident of innocent Shazia who worked as a domestic servant in house of Advocate Naeem a so called Lawyer whose job is to give legal protection where injustice has been done but his cruel, brutal and harsh treatment with little Shazia took life of a little child of small Town.

In Urban Areas most of the domestic servants are non-residents and they come from Interior Sindh, Punjab and other small villages and Goths which are in dilapidated condition and their poverty become reason for Child Domestic Labour.

Such children become victim of physical, verbal and sexual harassment which took away their innocence some lost their li9ves and some become victim of different psychological disorders which later on become cause of crime in society. An old saying child employed future destroyed proved to be correct when we heard Shazia’s case she lost her life while becoming a victim of torture by employer.

In Pakistan where every coming government is finding a way of safety in constitution and doing amendments time to time do not bother for making law for protection of Child Domestic Labourers and due to that such child become victim of brutal, cruel and aggressive behaviour from their employers.

Law for Child Domestic Labour is a need of time but beside that step should be taken for reducing poverty because poverty is the main reason behind child labour and for its elimination on government and NGOs level such schools and vocational training schools should be formed which provide education as well as financial help to such children engaged in different labour and working  as domestic servants for earning their livelihood so that poor families do not engaged their children in any labour and law should be made for the safety and protection of Child  Domestic Labourers.


  1. sadaf noureen says:

    I must say excellent efforts!
    i want to say that please if you have an article about animal rights and abusement then please reply me!

  2. WP Themes says:

    Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

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