Crime in Pakistan is present in various forms. Organized crime include drug trafficking, money laundering, forged Indian currency printing, extortion, murder for hire and fraud. Other criminal operations engage in human trafficking, corruption, black marketeering, political violence, terrorism, abduction etc The question is that what are the main reasons of crime in Pakistan society and why it is increasing so rapidly it is because of the rising poverty, unemployment and inequality in Pakistani society the rising case differences divide the society in to various parts and according to the status law will be provided this contribute a lot in making people aggressive and frustrated and later on it become cause of crime in society. Other Major causes are unemployment and illiteracy rate but there are some other factors too like lawlessness, fundamentalism, backwardness and double standards prevailing in the society. People around the world always think of Pakistanis as terrorists- we aren’t all like that. Yes, I agree that there is a high crime rate, however, most Pakistani’s in the lesser civilized areas of Pakistan suffer from extreme depths of poverty, which is somewhat the main reason for high crime rates. What Pakistani government is doing for the betterment of its nation is the question in minds of every Pakistani. Pakistani nation is disappointed that the government is not going to provide safety and security to any one the properties and lives are not protected. Frustration and aggression among youth is also becoming the cause of crime in Pakistani society youth could change the future of country but in Pakistan youth are not given any rights nor there is security of their futures almost every Pakistani is in dept Pakistan is facing a crucial financial crunch and it will remain the same. There are no jobs and if some so there is no job safety people are disappointed and due to that they become frustrated conduct crime like theft taking bribers and what not. In Pakistani society there is no rule and regulation and due to lack of judiciary there is no fear of being punished so this also contributes in increase in crime rate. What measures should be adopted by the government to reduce the increasing crime rate some suggestion which I received from Pakistani youth are.

Strong judiciary

 Honest officers in law maintaining departments

 Increase in salaries of police officers

Provide employment opportunity to youth

 Aid should be used in progress of the nation

 More and more industries should be set up

 These are some of the solution which can contribute in reducing crime rate in Pakistan and will paved the way for progress and development of the country.


  1. Muhammad Ali says:

    People are the essential pillar of any country. It is the fundamental duty and responsibility of the country to fulfil the basic needs of its people. Basic needs of man comprises of shelter, food and clothing. When these needs are not fulfilled they bring about problems termed as socio-economic problems. Pakistan has also been suffering from these problems. The real issue is not the presence of these problems in the society. But the extent to which they are being paid attention and solved. When these problems are not met timely and the grievances of the people are not redressed they turn out to be a menace for the country. They assert a negative impact on society. The society deprived of basic necessities of life is ignorant of its obligations towards the country. This results in deviant behaviour, drug abuse, smuggling, corruption, poverty, illiteracy and many other social evils. The country beset with social crises and problems fails to attract foreign investment. Low investment results in economic breakdown and causes decline in export, low MNCs business, tumbling stock market and inflation.

    Pakistan has been facing a lot social problems since its inception in 1947. In the start there were the problems of lack of funds, rehabilitation of refugees, poor infrastructure and widespread poverty of masses. Quaid-e-Azam tried his best to solve these problems and get the state machinery working. Owing to his sudden death he could not eradicate these problems completely. Unfortunately, leaders after him did not pay considerable attention towards the solution of various problems. Subsequently, the problems have grown with the passage of time and become social evils.

    Pakistan is a developing country and faces all social problems that developing countries face along with political instability that aggravates the problems further. Currently, Pakistan has many challenges to face in the form of social and economic problems.

    Poverty has been one of the biggest problems that Pakistan faces today. It is rightly said that poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere. 70 per cent of the population of Pakistan live in villages. According to an analysis, poverty has increased roughly from 30% to 40% during the past decade. It means that 40 per cent of the country’s population is merely earning their livelihood below the poverty line. In such condition people are deprived of their basic necessities of life. Proper education and medication are becoming distant from them. They are forced to think of their survival only.

    Perhaps the greatest loss comes in the field of education. The inadequacy of quality education renders our country incapable of dealing with the challenges of the 21st century. People marred by poverty are unable to afford quality education for their children. In addition, government’s negligence is aggravating the situation further. Despite various steps taken by different governments for the promotion of education, literacy rate lingers at 56% over the decade. Pakistan is spending only a meagre amount of its GDP on this vital sector. Owing to low investment, government run schools are deprived of basic facilities like proper classrooms, water and sanitation facilities, electricity. Private sector is doing a commendable job in this regard. But owing to money making objective of this sector, education has been beyond poor’s reach. The primary completion rate in Pakistan given by UNESCO is 33.8 % in females and 47% in males, which shows that people in the 6th largest country of the world are unable to get the basic education.

    Pakistan is facing the dragon of overpopulation. The growth rate of Pakistan is very high and is among the highest in the world. Since 1947, the population has become more than triple. Pakistan is almost touching 180 million mark. Population expansion has been a real issue of concern for all governments. With limited resources it is very difficult to cater to the needs of growing population. There is a great economic disparity among the people. Poor are committing suicides out of hunger while rich are busy in amassing more and more wealth. These social problems directly affect the masses. The massively increasing population has almost outstripped the resources in production, facilities and in job opportunities.

    Pakistan is poorly faced with the problem of unemployment. The existing unemployment rate is 15%. Pakistan is confronting cyclical, technical, structural and seasonal unemployment. It is always considered to be killing for an economy. The most horrible part is that it is rising every year which in long term will demonstrate to be hazardous for the economy of Pakistan. It has negative impact on society. It creates frustration and revengeful attitude. It leads to an increase in the incidences of crimes.

    Owing to poverty and unemployment, parents instead of sending their children to schools, prefer child labour for them. They make them do so to support their family and use them as earning hands from the early age. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan estimated in 2005 that there would be 10 to 12 million child workers in Pakistan by 2010-11.But according to an All-Pakistan Labour Force survey, this number has doubled to about 21 million child workers. It shows the gravity of the situation. The main reason is poverty, while the low literacy rate has also contributed to the problem to a large extent. Child labour is a sort of deluge that is draining away our precious talent to be utilized in right place. Child labour pushes them into a bad company and immoral activities such as use of drugs, crime.

    Corruption is another huge social problem. Transparency International (TI) has ranked Pakistan 34th most corrupt nation in the world. The menace of corruption has links to a multitude of vices. Its roots are linked to injustice, mistrust, suspicion, extremism and terrorist activities. It creates a sense of insecurity, exacerbates poverty and adds to the misfortune of the vulnerable segments of the society. It also instils a sense of hopelessness and despondency and threatens the strength of good values which have been established over centuries of civilized struggle.

    Rising poverty in Pakistan necessitates that 10 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) be spent on social sector including education, health, safe drinking water, sanitation and basic infrastructure to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. At present, Pakistan spends only three per cent of its GDP on health and education whereas India allocates nine per cent for these sectors. Such a meagre amount which is already insufficient to cater to the needs is further misappropriated. There are less hospitals and medical centres. If there are any, the people are unable to afford their and their children’s health expenses. So the health problems grow unchecked. It is very depressing that basic health facilities are not available to the half of the population.

    We have seen phenomenal changes in the world. But the status and fate of women has not changed much in Pakistan. In Pakistan their situation has become worse. It comes as no surprise that we were recently rated as one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to the way we treat women. More than 60 years after independence, 80% of Pakistan women are still subject to domestic violence. One in three has to endure villainy like rape, honour killing, immolation and acid attacks.

    Pakistanis have suffered for decades because their human rights have not been protected in the communities as well the courts. Whether they are women or children, Ahmedis or Christians, Shiites or atheists, the rights of minorities are always threatened. Pakistan still struggles between the secular British and religious Arabic laws and traditions. The violation of human right can easily be attributed to the absence of timely justice to the masses.

    Justice delayed is justice denied. Dispensation of timely justice is the core essence of a welfare society. It is the duty of the state to promote justice. But in the case of Pakistan it has always been a day dream for the poor masses. Since the independence judiciary has been captive at the hands of establishment. Weak judiciary has been unable to redress the grievances of the masses. Under such conditions people resort to violent actions and resolve their issues by extreme methods.

    Religious differences such as Shia vs. Sunni are further adding fuel to the fire. Religious extremism that took its roots in Pakistan after the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 is proving venomous for Pakistan. This religious extremism took a new shape of terrorism after 9/11. After the incident of 9/11 suicide bombing in Pakistan has become a norm of the day. Target killing is another menace which is claiming hundreds of innocent lives daily.

    Owing to poor governance, the government is losing control over law and order situation. When individuals put themselves ahead of institutions, they set a bad example. Suicide attacks, target killing, robbery and other crimes have become norm of the day. And government seems helpless in this regard.

    Social problems are interlinked with economic problems. Economic prosperity serves as a backbone for the overall progress of a nation. One thing is common in all developed nations- they are economically sound. When citizens of a country are freed from the worries of earning a livelihood to sustain their lives, they divert their attention to more useful things. They focus on education, improvise healthcare, develop technologies that make life easy and much more. Poor economic condition is the root cause of so many problems that exist in a society. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s economic conditions are pathetic. As if power crises, lack of foreign investment for the development of industrial zones, backward and out-dated technology were not enough, Pakistan’s indulgence in war on terrorism served as a fatal blow to the already crumbling economic state.

    Terrorism has emerged as a monster for the world in general and for Pakistan in particular. Pakistan’s involvement in War on Terror has proved a nightmare. The image of Pakistan as a peace loving country has been tarnished. Thousands of Pakistanis have lost their lives while millions have lost everything they had and are forced to migrate to relatively safer places. This war has destroyed our economy beyond imagination. Terrorism is very closely linked to the declining economic conditions and high rate of illiteracy prevailing in our country. The poor and illiterate become easy prey to the masterminds who can train and use them in whatever they want. Pakistan’s economy has suffered on two accounts: first large amount of money is being used on WoT, and second because we have lost many foreign investors and markets.

    Energy crisis has further crippled the already tumbling economy. It has almost jammed the industrial wheel of the country. Owing to frequent outages many industrial units have been closed. Closure of industries has caused a severe blow to economy. Energy starved economy fails to attract foreign investment badly.

    Poor economic condition of the country has not only kept the foreign investors away but the local as well. When the conditions for industrial sector are not healthy in the country, the inflow of foreign money to the country is checked causing decline in foreign reserves. Decline in foreign reserves compel the country to seek loans from the other countries. Owing to fragile economy, FDI is shrinking on account of terrorism and political instability. Another major problem is Pakistan’s huge debt and its continued dependence on financial aid.
    Moreover, tax system in Pakistan is also inefficient and unsatisfactory. Ratio of direct taxes is more than indirect taxes. Tax evasion is common. The rich are reluctant to pay tax, while the poor are paying tax even on the purchase of a match box.

    With unhealthy conditions and decline in foreign reserves, the country is destined to face low export and high import. It is also the case with our industrial sector. Due to inconsistent supply of electricity to industrial sector, our industry fails to give required output. Not to speak of surplus production, our industries are not able to meet the national requirement. The production of goods in lesser quantities has affected export from our industrial sector. This makes our country to import goods, in order to meet the needs of the masses causing inflation.
    Inflation provides an important insight on the state of the economy and policies that govern it. Stable inflation not only provides impetus for economic growth, but also helps uplift vulnerable strata of society. Pakistan, in recent years has been in the grip of high inflation, which amongst other things has adversely affected the economic health of the country. The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI), a key indicator of inflation, has swelled by 76% in the last four years, eroding the purchasing power of the people as the overall economy has not performed in line with ever-increasing prices.

    Moreover, local people of war-ridden areas are migrating to other areas of Pakistan. Country has seen the largest migration since independence in 1947. These people have left their homes, businesses, possessions and property back home. This large influx of people and their rehabilitation is an economic burden for Pakistan. Unemployment is already prevalent and now the question of providing employment to these migrants has also become a serious concern. This portion of population is contributing nothing worthwhile to the national income yet they have to be benefited from it. This unproductive lot of people is a growing economic problem of Pakistan.
    Last but not least, lack of tourism is also a cause of the declining in economy. Northern areas of Pakistan have been a place of great tourist attraction. The beautiful hills, the lush green valleys, shimmering lakes and flowing waterfalls brought many a tourist from all over the world to Pakistan. This contributed to foreign exchange. Tourism Industry was one of the booming industries of Pakistan. Besides attracting foreign exchange, it also provided employment to local people. Also, tourist industry was a source of friendly relations with other countries. Nevertheless, war on terrorism has served as a serious blow to the tourism industry of Pakistan. Local as well as foreign media has projected Pakistan as a dangerous and unsafe country. Its poor law and order situation has alarmed the tourist and thus Northern areas no more receive many tourists.

    For Pakistanis to make sure that Pakistan not only survives but also grows and thrives and joins the modern world by becoming a progressive and democratic state, they need to take following steps:

    • The gap between the rich and the poor must be decreased by ensuring equal distribution of wealth.
    • Dispensation of free and quick justice be ensured by strengthening judiciary.
    • There is a sheer need to curb corruption at all levels. The institutions of NAB and FIA should be made more powerful to curb corruption
    • The curriculum of schools need be reviewed so that children can receive scientific and secular education in their mother tongue. In addition, there is need to develop critical and creative thinking.
    • Health care education and free health care needs be provided to all citizens.
    • Provision of equal rights to all citizens especially women and minorities be ensured.
    • Poverty alleviation programmes be initiated to reduce poverty and child labour.
    • Population growth be controlled by spreading awareness about the advantages of small families among the masses through media.
    • Energy crisis must be resolved on priority basis to revitalize the dying economy.
    • New dams should be built and new methods of producing electricity should be utilized.
    • Youth be equipped with technical education and new industries be set up to provide employment.

    There are so many problems in Pakistan. There is only one thing that can help Pakistan in solving all the problems that is the self-improvement of each and every Pakistani. All of us should be patriotic, honest, and hardworking. Everyone should respect the laws of country and obey the laws. Only then we can change our Pakistan’s condition. There is a famous saying “God does not change the condition of any country until the people of the country do not improve their selves. “It is true in the case of Pakistan

  2. Sohail Ahmed says:

    your are right … we agreed with you about opinion about crime in Pakistan… good job sir jee…

  3. zahidhussain says:

    wao thats realy very informative and harsh reality belongs to our society and nw we have to get rid of this complicated problem at any cost we have to make good policies for the betterment of reducing crime rate in pakistan

  4. amber raja says:

    thanx it really helped alot……:)

  5. amber raja says:

    thanx it really means alot to me………:)

  6. Sami Ahmad kalya says:

    one thing we must remember that we cannot end crimes but we reduce it at minimum level.
    1 only education can reduce the crime.
    2 we should try to end punjabi film culture in many villages it is the basic reason of crime.
    3 every should give chance according to his ability.
    4 it is the duty of government that illegal weapons must get back .
    5 fair trail system can also reduce crimes

  7. Malik Tariq says:

    I think we should focus on the root causes leading to organised crimes. Non availability of oppertunities, poor governance and gradual decline in social boundage are some of the causes.

  8. dave wallace says:

    before a decent learning curve can be designed(brake the law pay the price)a
    few things must my oppinion fredom of speach,equality and educations should bcome your gods, women from second class citezenship,allowing them all the freedoms or more than their male counterparts
    WILL achieve an humble start to this positive end.crime always exsists,we all
    learn as we grow how to live without taking from others.outside of that the middle east is under great pressure from the “west”,seen as exploitable region,
    and once you solve some of your internal problems will see that internationally
    the whole area is a reflection of this simple statement;the core feeds on the goal is not to insult or hurt anyone with my words,they are basic
    world system theory models and knowledge is half the battle.

  9. shehzad says:

    political interference is also involved to enhance the crime rate. interealated crimes also help. adoption of bad society by youth is also a reason.

  10. muhammad tayyab sarwar says:

    thanks provide us huge knowledgw about crime

  11. fahimjan says:

    Shortly i would like to say,that the achieviment independence for any nation is may be a difficult may be a difficult process but keeping maintain the independence is more difficult then that for any nation,As for pakistan was and is.Still our nation is howmuch as men vs insects.


  12. fahim jan says:

    And we cant say this, that such as sorts of problems have been finished from our society,they still existance in pakistani society some time as gostscrimes and sometime as miscreants.The fact was that the pakistani nation been fought them as the war b/w good and (khair o shur ke larayi)as when the aadam dwelved and hiva spond who was then the gentel man but atleast the pakistan have been somehow flushout them from the pakistani soils and country.And atleast the crime is facotrized to a team level as miscreants and thier crimes are as robbries,murdereds,dacaitory and kidnappings is being remained on individual basis.and the reason of that that there still some blacksheeps in govt either in oppostion and latter in departments.


  13. fahim jan says:

    And if the pakstani nation wants to survive there is still problems which they has the need to survive.As in pakistan the clash of good and evils was going on and is going on.some how as such as that when the adam dwelved and hiva sponed who was the the gentleman.Such a clash is going in pakistani society b/w the good and evil as (Khair aour shur ka jung)which atleast from pakistani nation and soils have been flushout but with the country as miscreant they are commiting crimes as robbries,murders,dacaitriies,kidnappings as i am going think about it atlast upto a team either upto team stratigiy of them the pakistani nation have been factorized them.


  14. fahim jan says:

    Ya, its true and i am agree with you about the crime in pakistani society all the above which you have been some time i do think about the crimes ratio in pakistan as there may be hardly such a minut on pakistani media in which we don,t watch the news about crime in pakitan and then don’t cross crime scene its a basics reason of crimes in pakistani society.when ever at one of the pakistani channel i usedto watch criminals most wanteds but latter i do think about thats,thats whose criminals are wants to a source of crimes.No one can say that in this whole duration pakistani gov,t and law and order departments have been a tough time against crimes in pakistani society.atleast to be demoralize against crimes such a situation the pakistan nation have survived.But i would like to say a critical situation the pakistani nation have been survived which non of the pakistan standered world nations has be among the world nation at 6th,7th place in depence,whtas type of situation this nation have been survived as just an year before any school or any childrens were not having the surty that they would became safe to thier home after attending the school.Same as nither the govt servant men and women were safe niether the law and order departments nor the citizens related to any sort of bussiness in pakistani society as i know after every hour the pakistani citizens were be thinking of blast at any after any hour such a bad situation is being faced by pakistani nation.And atlast i would appreciate the nation and govt courage who have been came over such critical situation,The law and order department were be must because thier duty was to handle such type probloblems in pakistani society.And thier duty and martyardisms never lasting for country and nation.After a tough situatuation in war against terrerisms or crimes there is still the crimes going on against pakistani nation but thats is remained atlast activity if we watched on daily basis in pakstani society.Bieng from KPK it was such to me.

  15. MOHSIN RAJA says:

    nice topic for me as i m going to research on this topic
    acoording to me the main reason of crime is the furstration of our yputh.poverty comes later.
    POVERTY isn’t the main tool of increasing crime its the oppertunities which are the cause of crimes.
    I m greatly impressed by AMERTYA SEN, and about his ideas of development.SIMPLY according to my less observation there are the capabilities but no oppertunities are the main cause of increasing crime rate.
    when someone want to do something and want to show others but can’t find oppertunities then this situation drives him towards the CRIME.

  16. Ayaz khan says:

    sorry for denying your suggestion about the cause of crimes in Pakistan that is the one which according to you is the financial.i m going against you on the basis of a theory of punishment which is called compensatory which says that financial lack is not in actual the cause of committing crimes.

  17. abdullah says:

    i totaly agree with u what ever is written above this is so true and being pakistanis we should do some thing for our country b coz our country is going down day by day and espacialy the youth should bocome active

  18. Mustapha says:

    Thank you,this a good topic to be address by Pakistani government and stop being a stooge to the West. Meanwhile there is another Paradigm we should look into which is the Fear of the Crime.Because fear of crime is just a feeling, some might wonder why it is important, particularly as a target for police action. Certainly, crime itself must be more important than mere feelings about crime? And even if fear of crime is of some importance, what can police be expected to do about it?

    One expert who has studied fear of crime for more than 2 decades is Wesley Skogan of Northwestern University. He has also studied and evaluated police strategies, including Chicago’s experiment with community policing beginning in 1993. He makes the case for paying attention to fear of crime as follows (2006: 255):

    Fear of crime is a social and political fact with concrete consequences for big-city life. The costs of fear are both individual and collective. Fear can confine people to their homes, and it undermines their trust in their neighbors and, especially, in their neighbors’ children. Fear is a key “quality of life” issue for many people. Research also indicates that concern about crime has bad consequences for the neighborhoods in which we live. Fear leads to withdrawal from public life, and it undermines informal and organized efforts by the community to control crime and delinquency. It is difficult to organize activities in neighborhoods where people fear their own neighbors. Fear undermines the value of residential property and thus the willingness of owners to maintain it properly. When customers – and even employees – fear entering a commercial area, the viability of businesses located there is threatened.

    Fear reduction efforts should be targeted—the preponderance of the evidence on police effectiveness in general is that more targeted strategies work best. This general principle applies to the specific challenge of reducing fear of crime.


    • one thing should b clear that we cannot end the crime .we can only reduce it.being a student of law in my humble opinion we can reduce the crime by fair trail (every one is equal in the eye of law)

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