Unemployment, poverty , rising inflation, crime and terrorism become the part and parcel of life of Pakistanis on almost every where in every walk of life there are problems youth is confused and scared about their glorious future, people are committing suicide due to rising inflation government seems to be helpless in providing relief to the people.

Problems are their and it will exists forever but what are the solution for all these problems and how Pakistanis could accommodate with these problems and led a stress free life I think this is not possible but at least we should try to find out solution of all these problems but what could be the solution.

Its very hard to find solution but we should try to find the solution at community level Pakistani nation is always dependent on others we do not attempt any thing for solving our problems we always look for the government despite of the fact that government will not going to provide anything to the nation and only work of Pakistani government is looting the national treasure and after the completion of tenure they shifted to other countries and live happily and we are expecting from such corrupt government to solve our problems and this is the main reason that now Pakistan is not progressing and we are about to enter in the dark era where no electricity no gas no modern facilities and if so than all will be out of reach of common man a so called common man whose value is nothing in corrupt Pakistani society a country achieved after sacrifices of our forefathers on the name of Islam but  now we are ,miles and miles away from Islamic teaching.

Now in Pakistan Islam name is only used by these brutal terrorist who are on the name of Islam killing innocent people making the world a hell and they succeeded some how but I have faith in Allah that they will not be able to use the name of Islam in such brutal activities any more and they all will be destroyed.

Its high time now that Pakistani nation should stand in front of such corrupt politicians who want to destroy Pakistan and its nation instead of committing suicide we should faced the reality and do not run away from the problems but try to find a solution. Problems are solvable if we try but we are leg pulling nation not united on one platform always busy in conspiracy instead of thinking from our brains we are a nation do not like rules, laws we want to create a jungle rule in Pakistan where might is right is in vogue instead of becoming helpless we should try on individual level to help others in providing jobs there are so many well to do people living in Pakistan and abroad for whom money do not matters they can create training institutes for youth start small housing schemes and contribute little bit in eradication poverty the root cause of all social evil activities, terrorism and crime and it’s the duty of every Muslim to spread the correct  meaning of Islam which is peace and prosperity love and brotherhood without violence activities Islam message is to spread peace in the world Islam say no to terrorism and all true Muslims follow the correct meaning of Islam and if not so they can not be called as Muslims.


  1. musafar says:

    What added value have mirpuris in uk done

  2. Umair Malik says:

    it,s i think a reality which we don,t accept. if we all stand 4 our lives and 4 our muslims and caught the politician,s who just think about himself not think about muslims.not to say that it,s pakistan all bad things are common here ..plx stand 4 terrorism and 4 our future..we should spread the actual meaning of ISLAM which is peace and brotherhood

  3. Shahan says:

    This Is Good To see Nayab… but i and some of my friends have emotions to solve at least one basic problem of Pakistan, thats why i visit this website, so i expect from u guys to tell me a basic problem of Pakistan which is under our authority. if we do efforts to solve a very basics problems of Pakistan individually or 2 or 3 person, so Inshallah Problems will end one day…! Reply

  4. aamir says:

    Muslims were never terrorist nor they will b.A muslim who phrased KALMA will never ever think of a blast on Masajid and innocent people . this is all a propaganda by Israel. America. n india to declear Islam as a symbol of terrer , a person havind DAARI. or a women having NAQQAB is not acceptable to them and they are tring to change our mind too.
    our GOVT says RAAM to thier so called AAQAAS and whatever thier AAQQAAS saya that called it right by saying the innocent people killed in drone attacks THE TERRORESTS……

  5. Umama says:

    nayab i admire ur effort very much. I have been reading material on net regarding the situational dangers to Pakistani society and i am so grieved to read such bitter words about Islam and Pakistan. In such situation reading ur artical was a bit relief that atleast we are not as bad as the international media has portrayed us to be and our problems can be solved if we act like a nation.
    wish to hear more from u.

  6. nabeeha says:

    and nayyab one thing is more that v should not give such a bad impact of our country ……
    we r blaming to the govt.nd just think about it that k is govt ko choose b hm na hi kiya howa h… for solving our the problems. v individually have to corrct oue slves firstly

  7. nabeeha says:

    nayab u did a such a great efforts for solving the problem in PAkistan

  8. we should do something for our country, if we will not then our country will go away from our hands. we can do this by making a team tht will only work for pakistan. they can fight with crime,curruption,terrorism etc.

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