Women empowerment plays a vital role in progress and development of society as well as family. In Pakistan there are number of women who have not achieved education and facing difficulties in their lives to feed their families when a man is not supporting his family. In almost every house we must have seen such women working as domestic servants in our houses and they all have different stories but I can’t tell you the stories of all but at least we could highlight the achievements of such women who have great contribution in Pakistani society. All such women who are not educated and working as domestic servants could be compared from literate women working in different offices and doing 9 to 5 respectable jobs but we don’t deserve anything we should credit such women who belong to low status do not have education and men are dominant on such women but instead of all that they are competing and working hard despite of all such difficulties but never say a single word and  made themselves so much stronger that they even do not feel them inferior they know what they are doing is right and I must say that that all such women are the most determent and strong Pakistani women and they all deserve appreciation and respectable place in society.

Today I am narrating the story of so called illiterate women working in other houses and carry no respect in society but I leave the option to my readers to decide is she an ordinary women who couldn’t be compared with educated women working in respectable jobs.

Her name is Hawa a non resident of Karachi originally belongs to Interior Sindh but migrated to Karachi to earn the living for her children her husband lost his consciousness after marriages but when he was alright he was not doing anything after all  he was the dominant member of society instead of this he was a use less husband she cant leave her due to her traditional background but now he is missing for last 2 years and according to her she never tried to find her husband, because he was a extra burden on her and he treat her like animal, without caring that I am the earning beard for my family  but it’s a different matter we were discussing how she earn according to her after coming to Karachi she faced so many difficulties in settling in new city without money but I have seen that Karachi city provides ROTI to every individual whether belong to this city or not. After struggle for about month for finding a job of domestic servant in houses of well to do people was not an easy task, initially no one was giving job to me, and trusting me because I was new in the city and if someone was giving the work than they were offering so much less money which was not enough for my 6 children and for me I want to work hard for supporting my family and to get a proper place on rent, but I never loose hope I tried and tried and went to every area on every street of Karachi to find a work and finally now I am working in almost 5-6 houses now my children are growing and in next few years they will be able to help me. She further has said I never think of going back to my home town because there I was nothing just a slave who was burden on her family and was not respectable but now I am earning myself and what ever people says that we are not honest or any thing I can say that now I feel that I am an individual have my own identity and not a burden on any one although I am not educated but I couldn’t allow my illiteracy to be the hurdle in way of my living, I feel proud on myself that I don’t indulge in any anti social activities like prostitution but I am working without sacrificing my dignity, while answering about is she is satisfied from her life she said yes I am because I feel I am a strong will women working hard for my children without sacrificing on my dignity but today I want to do request from so called dominant MEN to please allow us to work with dignity and do not feel that if we are working in your houses so become your property and we have no respect and such men assumed that we are ready too sacrifice our respect and we can do anything for getting money but this is true we are also individuals and we deserve the same respect and dignity like other working women.

Hawa has also appealed to women MPAs and MNAs sitting in the parliament that law for protection of such women working as domestic servant should be made for giving protection to all of us and stern action should be taken against all for such men who disrespect women working in their homes and assumed us as their private property.


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  3. I have been a single working mom, a working mother with step kids and new hubby and now I’m a stay at home mom. I can tell you that being here for the kids is the best thing in the world for them. There is no way that I would trust someone else to … Once you have kids, nothing is the same. It is your responsibility as a parent to put them first along with their needs. Their needs do not include mom gone all the time.

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