Sports activities and other recreational activities could bring a positive change in Pakistani society and it will also be helpful in eliminating anti social activities from society which are later on causes of rising terrorism. This I found when I asked the youth from different walk of life. That how we can bring the change in Pakistan. Pakistani youth want change and by giving them the opportunity to change the society they will going to prove themselves as a patriotic and dedicated youth of Pakistan.

Pakistan, in itself is a nation where teenagers and most other youth are strictly confined to studying. Granted, the best doctors and engineers do graduate from our very own society; albeit no one can disagree that children want more in life than just books.

In various countries around the world, one can observe the unlimited recreational facilities provided by the government to ensure the youth’s health, and safety. In Pakistan, on the other hand, we have a significant lack of recreational facilities. Because of this, teenagers looking for activities apart from studying or methods of having “fun” end up creating a ruckus on the roads, they get involved in street gangs, drugs, and other negative aspects of peer pressure.

In Pakistan, only the upper class is able to afford the luxuries provided by an enclosed gym and the facilities therein. The middle to lower class where the majority of the citizens in Pakistan are, cannot afford such expensive luxurious clubs and are forced to turn to city streets thereby also disturbing the flow of traffic. Though these scary street and mud filled ground and poor quality sports equipment has led to the emergence of great cricket players like Imran Khan, Waseen Arkam, Javaid Miandad etc. But people like these are just a few; we can count them on figure. The majority end up in the same rat race with quite a few ending up in the hands of political organizations who juice them out for them own benefits.

In more developed countries recreational facilities are available for the youth so much so that every two miles you will come across a swimming pool, basketball court, in addition to football and baseball fields. If Pakistan’s government is able to organize a bureau to handle recreational facilities and provide places for teens to have fun free of cost, not only will they be helping the youth stay safe and on track, but they will indirectly be reducing street crimes and making society much safer for everyone.

Hence it is concluded that it’s the right time the government should take effective measures in promoting sports activities at school and colleges level and such sports clubs should be formed  which provided sport activities to youth free of cost so the youth from any social background could join such activities without the fear that they have to pay for playing sports I must say that this will going to be a wonderful  idea for protecting our youth from anti social activities that later on become cause of destruction of society as well as country.


  1. undoubtedly, sports is the only remedy to cure the society from ill effects of anti social activities, but the ignorance of sports in our country might pave the way for such elements to influence the though / mind of youths. hence, sports activities need the favorable attention of concerned. District Kharan being one the states of Balochistan before the independence, but lacking the most basic facilities of sports, especially no complex for indoor games i.e Badminton, Table Tennis etc, therefore, construction of a badminton hall / court is dire need of hours, if your kind self forwarded the same to concern authority or Social Organizations that works for promotion of sports activities and construction of sports infrastructure (construction of Badminton Hall in District Kharan Balochistan).

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