Pakistan’s population has a major part which is based on the young generation. Not only  Pakistan, but the world’s most popular and successful countries have a massive number of young people. Many developing countries rely on their future generations and even plan their goals and strategies according to their younger generations.

The point to be reviewed is that as being a part of the young generation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where do we stand? What are our goals? How sincere are we with ourselves?

If we will sincere to ourselves, then we will automatically become sincere to our country. Words alone do not work when facing crises. By only calling ourselves superior over India cannot make us superior over them. Their youth is not very strong yet, but they are in progress to becoming a strong nation with a rich young generation. While discussing their youth, they don’t have any problem working in call centers or banks while studying.

The basic requirement of the youth of Pakistan is that they should be serious about themselves, their careers and the future. Once they start planning their future, many things can be settled. Not at all are same, many features vary from individual to individual. We cannot say that the young generation of Pakistan is dull, instead they are energetic and intelligent but normally they don’t focus on their territorial requirements. If we compare with the western world, their youngsters think to become strong financially, morally and socially. The readers are not being ashamed (I can’t ever) but the message and needs of future are being forwarded to the world’s best young generation. In our normal life, each one of us knows how much we think about or plan our life in a day. We all know how our forefathers worked to get freedom for us, even how parents struggle to make us so strong in a society. We must think, will we return it to them by just kidding, eating, smoking and enjoying the whole day?

I believe that people fit into different categories and characteristics. There are hundreds of fields in the world and every person has a different choice according to his mind and exposure. The age of youth is the time to catch that specialty from within. With the passage of time, polish it, and change many things according to your will. I also believe that

“Destiny is what you make it for”

The conclusion is that we can also become strong financially, morally and socially by working hard under our prestigious values and conditions….


  1. We are blessed with strong culture and tradition but you don’t think that we need alteration too in it according to need of society……

  2. Abbas says:

    i like your post, but what do you mean when you talk about being strong socially and morally? aren’t we socially strong already because of our culture?

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