Sindh Education Department has withheld the decision of abolishing uniform from Sindh schools and colleges. The matter has been placed before the committee consisting of 11 members. Secretary Education Siddiq Memon will be the head of a committee other members are Additional Secretary Education Taj Muhammad Salharo, Academic and Training D.G College Dr Rafiq Siddiqui, Sukkar Board Chairman Dr Mehboob Sheikh, Director Surveillance Abdul Wahab Abbasi, Director Private Schools Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui, IRC Khairpur Sadiqa Sallahuddin, EDO Sukkar J Ramdas , Educational Expert Murad Ali Khan Nizamani, EDO Karachi Ibrahim Kenjhar and EDO Jamshoro Fakhar Karim Siddiqui. Committee will consider five proposals and according to that the committee will review the matter of removing uniform in Sindh schools and colleges and reduction in fee of Government colleges. Sindh Education Minster Mir Mazhar ul Haq should take such measures which should be helpful in raising the standard of education at government schools and colleges because the condition of government schools is pathetic there is no education being provided to students of government schools. Some of government schools in Sindh said to be called the ghost schools because there are no educated and trained teachers who could provide quality education to students of government schools. It is a duty of Ministry of education to take such steps which will be helpful in raising the standard of government schools and colleges and the committee should withdraw the decision of abolishing uniforms because it is in interest of poor students and their parents because if uniforms will be removed than it will add extra burden on poor students and will also become the cause of increasing complex among students.

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