Pakistani government become habitual of depending on foreign aid and the words of Chaudhary Muhammad Ali has proved true that large scale foreign aid, generally leads to the moral and spiritual decline of the nations. The dependence of foreign aid has also deeply affected our foreign policy. As a concerned citizen I request the government to stop begging for foreign aid and step should be taken to build more and more industries to provided employment opportunities so that we should not depend on foreign aid for boosting our economy. Now the situation become so worst that for every thing Pakistani government is looking up on other countries help and the support of so called super powers who want to destabilize Pakistan and take hold on Pakistan nuclear asserts. Presence of Black Water has been proved in Pakistan and it is the outcome of the foreign aid, because we can see that we are becoming slaves of America in the name of so called aid and now he is free to do anything inside Pakistan territory with out permission and Black Water presence is the TIGHT SLAP ON PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT and this is the reason why our government is denying the fact about black water presence. In this situation how Pakistan will progress what will be our future and now situation become so worst that our existence also become a big question and I think if we remain dependent on other countries for boosting our economy and if super powers will so called help us with the double edge sword of foreign aid which is becoming cause of decline of Pakistan than in this situation God forbid Pakistan will be no more. Pakistani government should wake up now its not the time to depend on aid but it’s the time to review our policies and to see that how super powers has spread their hold at Pakistan in the name of foreign aid and we should immediately stop begging for aid because aid will not boost our economy it will became the cause of Pakistan destruction is the situation remain the same.


  1. Meti says:

    first stop training militants before going for industries

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  3. FunnyDevil says:

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