Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and also one of the most thickly populated cities in the world. Its population has increased rapidly and accordingly has given rise to many social problems. People of this metropolis are becoming more and more concerned about solving these serious problems, some of which are discussed below.

The ever-increasing rush of heavy traffic on the roads is resulting in heavy loss of human life. One day or the other, people suffer form accidents due to reckless driving. Some lose their vehicles and some go to the police. This is due to lack of civic sense in the citizens and violation of traffic rules. Traffic jams, road quarrels, untidiness and damage of public property is also a result of this problem. The government has not done any planning to control this situation in the past two decades.

In the same manner, the government has never emphasized upon population distribution. As a result, slum areas are rapidly being built, where poor labour lives. The disordered development of small houses is spoiling the outlook of the city, as well as creating problems of illegal electric connections, water supply and pollution. The authorities have failed to reclaim the locations from these people.

The academic career of children in Karachi is unpredictable due to lack of good schools and institutions. The need of recreational institutions, parks and play grounds is also felt at times and most of all joblessness creates problems for poor people.

Another problem faced by the citizens of the city is the frequent power breakdowns. Every other day, K.E.S.C cuts down the electric supply without notice. This becomes a great hurdle for industries and professional that use electric machinery for their work. Disturbance and shortage of water supply is also a cause of discomfort among the citizens. Sometimes, the dirty and unfiltered water becomes a major factor in food poisoning, which usually takes place on festive occasions, when demand of water in the city increases. Any measure to improve the supply of filtered water has also not been adopted by the government. Problems due to improper drainage system are also becoming a matter of concern among the people. The alarming in crease in the disorderliness of drainage lines is posing serious threats for people, especially in poor areas. Filth and dirt runs down a channel by the footpath and children play over it. We have malaria, cholera and dysentery still destroying our children because such things exist.

The attitude of beggars in Karachi is the most irritating problem. They are worthless idlers robbing good-natural people. It has become their regular practice to crowd public spots and cheat people. The adverse effects of begging problem are noticeable in sum areas.

There are too many dirty and ownerless dogs roaming about in the streets of Karachi. They spread many diseases and sometime become a danger by injuring people.

Lack of environmental care among people and drivers of public service vehicles is giving rise to pollution problems. Dust fills the air in most of the roads all the time. Improper turned cars fill the atmosphere with deadly smoke at hours of rush, which causes disease among the policemen and common public. The blowing of pressure horns is always there, deafening the ears.

Karachi is also often subjected to terrorist activities. Bomb blasts and firings at public spots are resulting in great loss of human life. The terrorists deserve no less than capital punishment. It is the duty of the police to intensify their investigation to stop such activities.

For the well to do class, life in Karachi may be fascinating, but for other citizens it is a center of drawbacks. It is only through the concentrated efforts of each and every person, including the members of law-enforcing and administrative agencies, can we overcome these serious problems of the metropolis.

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  1. nisar hussain says:

    karachi is the biggest city in the world not in pakistan. but the facilities for the city almost nill. reason behind it political and other agency are involved destroying peace of the city . the people of the city is good,but the authorities and the responsible are not good .now a days their is now role and regulation is applying on the behalf of security and some other name.this is my and your pakistan and karachi. we are is one as a nation

  2. Abeeha Shah says:

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  3. Rukhsar Khan says:

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  4. Bashir Ahmed Shahid says:

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  5. babar says:

    Karachi is know the city of light but it is wrong, because there is one area Muhammad Khan Ghot,in Mehran Town karachi whcih is about 01 month sink in dark,there people living without electricity and Gas. KE hang meters outside thier house but electricity not available.people paid 20 thousand for Eclectic meter install and they pay bills as KE desire not as meter unit ,the people of Muhammad khan ghot facing one more big issue of police,no one can build house without giving them Bribe in heavy amount and if you make same renovation of your home police mobile cames and stop your work and demand for bribe not for one time next cames after 10 to 20 mints and also demand bribe.

  6. Soldier Bazar Corrupt Shop keeper says:

    Everything which are sold in Soldier Bazar Area are in higher price 30% more than liaquatabad, saddar , etc.

    Current Poulty meat price is 300/per kg. Current Cow bone meat is Rs. 340 / per kg

    Current Milk price is Rs. 80-85 / per liter and
    yougard price is Rs. 120/ per kg

    Current Broken (Kernal Basmati ) which is known as poonia is Rs. 120/kg
    Price of Rice is always higher in soldier bazar.
    People dug boring openly and running mineral water plants in soldier bazar.
    Corruption, land grabbing is open and common is soldier bazar.
    Media has never taken notice of it and it is disappointing. I asked media to visit soldier bazar and see the land grabbing on the back side of KMC market. Owner of KMC quarter adjacent to KMC market are involve in land grabbing. No need of china cutting. Open cutting is in progress.

  7. I'm a banana says:

    Thank you very much for your work on this blog! I have a presentation about Karachi on my Geoghaphy classes and you helped me so much to understand this city. Grats from Brazil!

  8. khan says:

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  9. noman khanzada says:

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  12. ahmedather says:

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  22. pervaiz says:

    karachi is target killing city

  23. javeria says:

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  24. Farhan says:

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  27. Karachi says:

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  33. syed says:

    people who own houses should be allowed to own guns,similarly bussiness owners should be allowed to own guns too.this would give bad guys something to think about.The money collected from karachi through tax and duties should be spenttttttttt on education and infrastructure’it should not go to some wadera or general.

  34. Rizvi says:

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  42. Mustafa says:

    Thats a good job, But have you observed that why all this happening? Because our Police is not implementing the laws our government has made for the citizens and government is also not interested in implementing either. If police start implementing the laws from today our civic sense will start working, These are the people who go to Dubai, and as they enter the Dubai boundaries they start following the rules, why is so because their laws and its implement is strict, and once you start following them, you will start loving your life too. And we citizens our here are not working for this, we dont have any platform for them who think about it. Neither our Media is interested in this, they raise issues which raise their TRP, But I havent seen any of the channel talking about Civic Sense and neither they have called any one responsible for this. Japanese delegation went back without doing their work done regarding the Karachi Circular Train System, they were suppose to provide us loan with very minor interest for this but our Government didnt even could clear the train lines for the last five long years. So just think where are we?

  43. aeliya says:

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  45. lisab says:

    > 9
    > Circular debt issue shackles KESC
    > June 25, 2011
    > The chronic circular debt issue shackles Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), necessitating solid steps to overcome the prevailing financial crisis being faced by the company. The company is fast heading towards total liquidation, as the debts of the company have surpassed its equity. On November 2005, when Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) was privatised by the government of Pakistan, it had no debts and bank loans at that time. Government of Pakistan sold 71 per cent shares of the utility at Rs 16billion, Rs 1.70 per share. The market price of KESC share at that time was Rs 9.10 per share. Technical experts believed that the group, which purchased the company, was totally unaware of the circumstances and was ignorant of the technicalities of the utility. From the year 2005 to 2010, KESC borrowed Rs 27 billion from International Finance Corporation (IFC), Rs 35 billion from Asian Development Bank and Rs 8 billion from banking consortium for executing new development projects The KESC has also touched the limits of bank overdraft by Rs 6 billion from local banks. Business Recorder learnt that KESC has to pay Rs 25 billion to Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), Rs 4.5 billion to Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Rs 2.5 billion to Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (Kanup). The company has not paid to the concerned department the TV license fee and sales tax it collecting from consumers along with electricity bills, which stand at Rs 3.5 billions. KESC has not paid Rs 780 million to Sindh government of the electricity duty. On other hand KESC owed to receivables are; Rs 8 billion from Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KW&SB , Rs 220 million from police, Rs 160 million from City District Government Karachi (CDGK) as bill of street lights and Rs 70 million in term of park lights. The company has to receive Rs 17 billion from its 2 lakh consumers, whose electricity connections have been cut. Sources claimed that KESC had mortgaged the lands of three power houses for borrowing from bank including 120 acre land of Korangi Thermal Power Station, 42 acres land of Bin Qasim Power Plant, 19 acres land of Korangi Gar Turbine Station . Nine grid stations have also been mortgaged by the company, they added.

  46. Hello,
    I just want to share my opinion..
    Since the problems are caused by overpopulation, is there any effort by the citizens of Karachi to give the solutions?
    I think people can start with themselves by reducing electrical consumption, using the low energy consumption electrical appliances, trying to generate electricity by solar panel or wind power in small scale, etc.
    For a highly populated metropolist like Karachi, it is very difficult on this very complicated situation if the citizen only rely on government effort to solve the problems..
    I am not a citizen of Karachi, neither a Pakistani.. I am an Indonesian architect..

    Arip Ihsan Harahap

  47. faryal says:

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  48. mazher says:

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  50. Kh. Aftab Shah, USA says:

    Pakistan’s Ignored Rural Areas
    By Khwaja Aftab Ali

    Five regional cities should be upgraded within the provinces in Pakistan: Dera Ismail Khan in NWFP, Gawadar/Qalat in Balouchistan, Sukkar/Larkana in Upper Sindh, Jehlum/Rawalpindi and Multan in Punjab province.
    These cities have been ignored by the federal and provincial governments although they have their own history, culture and languages. Dera Ismail Khan in the south of Pakhtun khwa/MWFP is under siege, Multan/DG Khan in the south of Punjab is the next target of religious extremists, Sukkar/Larkana is being ruled by criminals, Gawadar/Qalat appears troublesome. The people of these regions have to travel to provincial capitals trivial reasons.
    A good number of people are also forced to travel to big cities to earn livelihood as the local feudal who own majority land treat the common man as their virtual slaves.
    Creation of regional government and upgrading of regional cities will save a lot of money and time of the poor people of these areas. Circuit benches of the High Courts are already functioning in these places and what is required is additional staff to beef up different departments engaged in additional work at the provincial capitals.
    The concerned authorities should immediately consider to upgrade the regional cities. And immediate attention should be given to upgrade/build the airports, TV stations, civic centers, libraries, hospitals, educational institutions and bolstering investment opportunities for Pakistanis living abroad. Foreign firms should be encouraged to create jobs in the areas as the majority population in rural Pakistan does not have enough resources to survive.
    In this context I am reminded of the conditions obtaining in Iran before the Islamic Revolution when rural Iran continued to be ignored and the capital Tehran was developed and called the ‘Paris of the Middle East’. A couple of big cities, including Isfahan, and the Caspian Sea area were developed because of the attraction they possessed for foreign tourists but the rural area was ignored and plagued by problems of sorts as it was ruled by ruthless police and intelligence forces. It was but natural that the rural population supported the Islamic Revolution and moved to Tehran and other big cities and later ruled the cities. After the revolution, the new government was motivated to develop the rural areas of Iran.
    There is thus a pressing need to set up a fund to upgrade/build the regional cities in Pakistan under the aegis of the public and private sectors. Our foreign friends and Pakistanis living abroad could be asked to participate in this singularly important developmental effort.

  51. salman says:

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  52. hareem says:

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