Government of Pakistan should review its policies for the protection of its nation. Pakistan is facing a crucial time and it in grip of terrorism since past few years. Innocent people have been killed and they sacrificed their lives in the name of Terrorism. Pakistan was not like that from always but due to the involvement of foreign hand in our political decisions Pakistan starts declining. Economy is almost finished local business has been destroyed in this way how Pakistan will progress and future of its people will be saved. Government is busy in saving its chair and taking wrong decisions which are against the country stability. What will be the future of Pakistan if the government situation remains the same and how we will progress: My question is that Is Pakistan in save hands? The answer is no the country is in hand of corrupt leaders who are playing with the stability of Pakistan and by taking wrong decisions they want to destabilize Pakistan and want to destroy its economy and they all have succeeded in their evil deeds. What Pakistan need in this crucial time is strong and sincere leadership through which existence of Pakistan could be saved and once again the land of prosperity which now turned in to the battle ground become the land of peace. President Zardari should realize that what he is doing he is destroying Pakistan and want to destabilize this country just like other leader in the past did so. If he want to complete his tenure and do not want the hatred of people so he should work with due honesty and dignity and what ever decision he takes so he should first look that it will be in favour of Pakistan and its people.

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