Food Street at Burns Road

Burns Road is one of the oldest areas of Karachi. It is also called the food street of Karachi. The City Government Karachi some five years back had announced to convert the Burns Road into Food Street. However, no practical steps have been taken as yet in this regard. In contrast, the City government of Lahore after its announcement practically converted its Gawal Mandi area into a full- fledged Food Street. That has not only added to the cultural diversity of Lahore but also increased the business and government income through taxes.

Once Karachi was called the city of lights and people loved to spend evenings in outdoor activities, but due to security problem now the people are afraid of going out. Setting up a food street at Burns Road would certainly add to the beauty and cultural richness of Karachi. But it needs serious attention of the authorities and practical work instead of giving statements that remain useless.

Burns Road said to be called a food street of Karachi but this area is facing worst sanitation condition on every street the gutters are over flowing, roads are broken man holes are open and due to this there is high risk of dropping down into gutter but despite of the big strike made by CDGK to provide the best sanitation facilities the condition of Burns road remain the same.

The residence of burns road lodge many complains regarding the worst sanitation facilities to the area Nazim but the situation remain the same.

As an affected resident of this area I asked City Nazim Mustufa Kamal that why Burns Road resident bearing the worst sanitation condition and he should visit this area so that  the problems should be solved without further more delay.

I request the CDGK to look into the matter and take practical steps for setting up a food street at Burns Road and solve the sanitation problem in this area.

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  1. khan says:

    not good

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