All men and women are equal in eyes of Allah; there is no discrimination on basis of caste, colour, creed and status. Pakistan is the country said to be called a gateway of Islam and its society is said to be called an Islamic society where every one is equal and there is no concept of superiority and inferiority but can you find this in Pakistani society? The answer is no. Because in Pakistan inequality rules.

In Pakistan the economic status of a person now become very important. The low economic status person have to bear every difficulty they will get no education, food, shelter, clothing, health facilities you can say nothing for them in Pakistan.

Pakistan whose foundation is laid on Islamic teaching of equality and justice but we the Pakistanis are away from the Islamic teaching for us what matter now is MONEY.

That’s what I realize yesterday when I was on my way to home. A small boy comes to me and start begging I gave him a 10 rupees and I asked him why you are doing so.

He tell me THAT WE POORS ARE THE BURDEN ON SOCIETY WE ARE USELESS AND PEOPLE TREAT US LIKE A CHEAP TRASH, he further has said that why Allah make us poor why he didn’t give poor the right to enjoy life and spend the life like his loving blessed people. I told the boy that no Allah make the equal society where no one is superior or inferior and all the differences are man made so what he told me in return that I don’t think so for me life is nothing and if Allah cant blessed us with happiness and money which now become a important aspect of life so He should take lives of all poor and give us relief from the inequality and inferior life.

His words insist me to think that what actually we are doing with poor. Why they are deprived of their rights why they are not treated as human why.

We better asked from ourselves almost every Pakistan should at least think that what has happened to us why our society has suddenly changed why money become life for us.

Money becomes so important for survival that if someone is not blessed with it so don’t have the right to survive.

We have to change ourselves we have to follow our Islamic teaching again we have to make the Pakistani Society an Islamic society again where every one is equal and what matter is peace, love, equality and broth hood.



  1. rule of law (every one is equal in the eye of law)should be enforced immediately in Pakistan. no doubt chief justice of pakistan is paying a great role in enforcing rule of law like Shahzeb murder case

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