Pakistan is facing a crucial time, poverty is at peak, and inflation is rising you can say that Pakistan is almost finished. Finance Minster Shaukat Tareen resigned yesterday due to worst economic condition. All Pakistani and the next coming generations are in heavy debt what is the solution of all the problems and what are the causes of Pakistan worst condition.

In my point of view it is all happening because of the dirty political system of Pakistan. Lack of honest and sincere leaders in the politics contributes to the worst condition of Pakistan. For progress of any country the important thing is sincere government at least sincere with the country and its nation but unfortunately Pakistan is such a country which is lack of sincere people in its politics.

Pakistan politics is said to be called the dirty politics in which corrupt people get elected and become the leaders of state. You can take the present example of PPP the ruling political party and in power now-a-days but the party is being ruled by Zardari our President said to be called the most corrupt person in Pakistan for him only thing matters is MONEY and he can do every thing for the sake of money even he can sell Pakistan.

Foreign involvement in Pakistan politics has proved that Pakistan is being ruled by so called puppet government who are begging in front of so called super powers and getting money in the name of Aid. All aid is going in personal accounts of our so called government officials and foreign involvement in the name of aid is increasing so much that even we can not say no to them in any matter whether it’s a matter of drones or their involvement in our northern areas

Dirty politics of Pakistan is playing a most important factor in destabilizing our country and we the citizens’ are equally responsible for what ever happening in Pakistan because we are doing nothing first we cast sympathy votes to people like Zardari and than face trouble and then only sit and see the destruction of our country by the hands so called government.

Pakistani nation can do a lot to save the country and the coming generation of Pakistan.

Its time for REVOLUTION gets rid of these corrupt people. All the people right now in politics is not even capable of even standing outside the parliament they all should be drag out from Pakistan politics the name of Bhutto they are using for doing politics and destroying it.

Its high time now that honest people should come forward and these illiterate and corrupt people should be thrown out from Pakistan in this way only Pakistan will progress and will be saved otherwise survival of Pakistan is at stake.

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