Child labour is increasing in the country due to rising poverty. On every road one witnesses small kids doing manual work or selling different items to earn their living instead of getting education. These children also have the right to get education but due to their economic condition they are unable to go to schools. Although government schools are there but they only provide education not money to support them.
Elimination of child labour is impossible at the moment but atleast we should try to control it. The government and non government organizations have to adopt measures for controlling child labour. Such schools should be opened which pay stipends to the pupils . Vocational training institutes should be established in which technical training should be provided free of cost. This will help the child labour to earn their living respectfully. It is not only the responsibility of government to do so but well to do people can do much in saving the future of these children. They could establish such institutes which provide skilled training along with little sum of money. Because as a nation it’s our joint responsibility to save the future of Pakistan.

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