Increase in prices of edible items has made the life of a common man miserable. In Pakistan the rising inflation is contributing in high rate of suicide, increase in crime and other illegal activities. PPP government has made the life of a common man hell. On almost every day basis there is increase in the food items yesterday a new announcement have been made that their will be increase in price of milk (4 Rp on per litre) and new prices will implement from March 1. Current price of milk is 55 Rp per litre and from March 1 the price will reach to 60 per litre.
Just imagine the average salary of common man is not more than 4000 Rp so how a common Pakistani is managing its living.
In this time of inflation government seems to be helpless in providing relief to the people. Value of money is going down, petroleum prices is increasing which contribute much in rising inflation but no steps have been taken to control it.
Pakistan is engaged in war against terror and in every second we are loosing almost 6 million dollars and in return getting nothing.
As an affected citizen, I request PPP government to at least give some relaxation in prices of food item and they should resign because they fail in every thing and do not make the life of a common man hell any more.

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