An ICMA, degree holder and a Masters in Economic is just a clerk in Income Tax. Saleem Farooqui who wasted his money and time in education but get nothing in return because he is a so called common man and he can not get success on merit basis.
He narrate his story in this way “when I join Income Tax as the post of clerk I was just 19 years old and till than now I am working on the same post despite of the fact that I am an ICMA qualified and a master’s in economic too but degree meant nothing to me now because all my money and hard work and time just wasted on my qualification and it gave nothing to me in return”
He further has said that in government organization an ordinary man can not even think of getting promotion because their for promotion you do not need degree the thing you need is connection with high officials and guts to bribe, but I was not good in both of that and due to this I hold the post of clerk since 25 years.
He further stated that in Income Tax promotion based exam have not been conducted since 20 year and we are waiting for the chance till now. He further has said that it not that I didn’t try in private firm I did I apply for job in almost every firm but some firms who willing to give a job to me wanted me to work on very less salary by saying that you have no experience and my income tax experience can not be count in experience.
Now I realized that degree is not necessary for getting good job, in Pakistan Source, strong financial background and connections is very important aspect of becoming successful in life but I never loose hope I put my qualification background in back and compromise on the reality that I am an ordinary man although I am ICMA qualified but it’s not important for people like me, and I am happy that atleast I have a job although I do not deserve the post of clerk but it’s the reality that I am a clerk since 25 year and will remain the same. I am doing my job and with that I am teaching tuitions to earn my living. Now I have forgotten the fact that I am an ICMA qualified and a master too I am just a clerk like other who are not qualified but they can get a job of clerk easily. But the only regret in my life is that I wish I had not wasted my money and my time in qualifying in my degrees.
Lastly he asked the government that his life has been wasted in waiting for promotion exam but all in vain but others are still waiting for the promotion to come. May be some deserving people get promotion without connection of officials. But it can not be possible till the corrupt people are in government and they hold all high post of government offices for there relative and one who could give something to them in return.


  1. Faraz Iqbal says:

    Who said to retain a government job… Pls go towards a private sector and there is some respect for you Mr Saleem Farooqui

  2. Buch Great says:

    Good looking as well as a read. I am look foward to my next stop. Quick question, how did you come up with the site?

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