Now I realized that life is not a bed of roses, the thing which you want to achieve can not be yours always. Yesterday I realized that in every step of life you will find some stems which will create hurdle in your life and will stop you for climbing the ladder of success.
Success is such a thing which every one wants to achieve and always dream for that and you want to hold it firmly. But in life one will find such people who can not see success of others and want to create hurdles and start pulling one another leg. To deal with such people you need courage and proper planning almost every one must have witness such situation and it’s a natural phenomenon that one can feel depressed in handling such kind of situation and loose hope.
The thing which I want to share with every one for handling such situation is trust of Allah, and hope that that good time will come again but for this we have to wait, wait for the right time. Allah loves his people very much and he can’t see them in pain for much long time but he wants us to trust him with close eyes.
Although life is not a bed of roses and to make it a bed of roses it take time, may be the time come at the end of your life or in your old age but for this you have to keep struggling and work hard. By doing that I am damn sure that no one will going to stop you in climbing the ladder of success and if some one tries to pull your leg down than Allah will help you in this situation but trusting Allah is very important for that.
Whether you are dealing with your career or with your private life without his help nothing is possible that’s what I believe that if you want some thing in your career dire heartedly but it is not in your interest than Allah will not going to give you, in this situation most of us even me start blaming Allah that he don’t love us but its not true Allah loves his people more than your real mother and he planned everything best for your life and if we people start thinking in this way and mould our life in such a way that whatever we are doing in our life or career just trust Allah and than leave everything on him I can bet that everything will be all right but for this you have to wait a little and in this way only we can make our life a BED OF ROSES.

All my readers and well wishers do pray for my Successful career and good life because without good and successful career life meant nothing to me

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