Dr Ruth Mother Teresa fOR PAKISTANIS’


Dr Ruth Pfau, a German doctor, a nurse and above all a woman who dedicated her life for the poverty stricken leprosy patients in Pakistan. A German lady who could lead a comfortable life but the daughter of cross choose to help those people suffering from leprosy, a disease every one was afraid of but she proved all the myths wrong and start treating leprosy patient. She not only treats the patients but also did all efforts for there rehabilitation.
A dedicated woman served 60 years of her life to Pakistani people she visited every corner of Pakistan, faced all difficulties but never stopped. She established leprosy centre in which she treat the patients especially the down trodden people of Pakistan.
Dr Ruth traveled every corner, and even slum areas of Pakistan to serve the leprosy affected patients with out any fears and proved all myths wrong.
Dr Ruth is the Mother Teresa for Pakistanis’ she sacrificed her comfortable life style and dedicated her precious life for the people of our country without any fear and hesitation.
Her only aim is to serve those people who were neglected by others. She is doing all efforts for eradicating leprosy from Pakistan. She is also working for curing T.B and Blindness in remote areas of Pakistan and she is fully hopeful that one day their will be no leprosy patients in Pakistan and it will be eradicated fully because of her dedication.
I was thinking that in our peak time we youngsters will not even think of sacrificing our life for others but people like Dr Ruth who dedicate their lives for others and due to such people this world is surviving.

5 comments on “Dr Ruth Mother Teresa fOR PAKISTANIS’

  1. gud oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    i salute to Dr. Ruth. She is a angel for Pakistani leprosy patents. i don,t know about her, yesterday i read the column of Javed Ch. about Dr. Ruth and i pray for her. She is not just Dr, she is angel and dr of human.

  3. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    Dr. Ruth! you are Great personalty.

  4. Fakhar Zaheer says:

    Dr Ruth, you are a true doctor. Allah bless you

  5. Muhammad Ehsan Ali says:

    Dr Ruth you are great,I have great respect for your sacrifice for pakistan`s leprosy patient,You prove that nothing is impossible in this world.Thank You

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