Pakistani Police shame for our society, on almost every day basis we are hearing the news of cruel and harsh treatment of police with people. It’s seems like there is jungle law in Pakistan where no one has to answer for what ever they are doing. In recent cases which come in lime lights in recent days tell us about the harsh and cruel treatment which prisoners receives inside jail or outside no matter he is guilty or not. In Pakistan police is in custody of so called politicians who use them for their own interest. Police is puppet in hands of so called powerful people who use them to punish there enemies and others who refuse to bow in front of them. Police use his power for those also who refuse to bribe them for doing nothing but if they caught some innocent people and ask for bribe and he refused than he will not be saved from these corrupt and cruel people.
Corruption in police department exists from day one but everyone is helpless because of political involvement in police department. Police has been divided on sides of different political parties some follows the order of MQM, some on side of PPP and some of ANP and PML-N these all parties are in power now-a-days and they all use police against each other and there rivals and in their fight common man have to suffer in their hands.
The biggest example of political involvement of police was the murder of Mir Murtuza Bhutto son of Bhutto and brother of Benazir Bhutto but the police in order of his enemy (According to his family he was killed on order of Zardari by the hands of police).
At that time BB was the Prime Minister and but she did nothing in case of his brother murder it’s a long story but this example proves the involvement of politics in police department in Pakistan and it also proves that police is just a puppet in hands of powerful people. Due to their support now they become the biggest criminals of society and they are the first one to violate rules and break laws so in this way how law and order situation will improve in Pakistan. People are of the views that if police will be removed than 80 percent crimes will automatically be eradicated from our society.
Police have failed to provide justice to common man, an ordinary man even cant lodge a report against his injustice and have to face so many difficulty that he keep himself away from police station no matter he want justice but he don’t want to suffer in hands of these corrupt people who are now people the criminal of society.
If we really want to improve Pakistani society that the first thing should be done is to rusticate all those police officers who are involved in backing political parties and creating law of jungle in society but the question is that who will do it. In Pakistan criminals are rulling than who will improve this condition.
The only thing that Pakistan common man can do is to wait for the sincere person becoming the president and Prime Minster of Pakistan and honest people sitting in Parliament and assemblies in this way only everything will be alright Police department will also improved and they will perform there duties with due honesty and sincerity and will start providing justice to innocent people and thieves of nation will be arrested by them. But this is a big dream which is in eyes of every Pakistan and they waiting for its reality since past 60 years.

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