West always raise fingers on suppressed women rights in Pakistan but before discussing whether women have the rights or not in Pakistan we should first understand that what actually the rights of women are.
The term women right refers to freedoms and entitlements of women and girls of all ages. These rights may or may not be institutionalized…
Pakistan is an Islamic society in which most of the practices are according to Islamic teaching and Islam has given equal rights to both men and women, whether it’s property or society in the eyes of Islam all humans are equal.
Islam has given equal right to women in getting education and the most important right that Islam has given to women is that the women can not get married without asking her will and consent.
Unfortunately in Pakistani society where we call ourselves Muslims but we are the one who are far away from Islamic teaching. Orally we all can say that we are Muslim but practically we are living our lives with out practicing Islamic teaching. If we want to discusses the rights of women in Pakistani society than it is divided into two categories.

In 21st century women in urban society of Pakistan carries all rights, majority of women are getting education, working in different field of there interest side by side with men.
Women in Pakistan are now working on the post of CEO’S, GT pilot, high post in Banks, doctors, engineer and what not women are free to go in any field now and complete her dream without any fear.
Urban side of Pakistani is not anymore backward, urban areas women are said to be called the super women they are not behind men in performing their responsibilities.
Urbanization contribute much in adopting change in Pakistani society and with change the most important thing that happened is change in mind set of parents who previously considered their daughters as burdens but now its not like that anymore and due to parents encouragement and support women are working side by side with men and sharing the burden of society as equal partner.
Trend of early marriages is changing due to alteration in parents’ mindset. Now parents give their daughters the chance to live their life with freedom but in limits and in my point of view limit are very important for protecting the values and norms of our society.
Young girls in urban areas of Pakistan have passion to do something in their lives, to make their own identity stand on their own feet’s and do not become burden on parents after completing education. Most of the girls are working in different fields and trend is changing that girl can only adopt the profession of medicine is not any more.
Urban women are enjoying their rights although they have to face difficulties in work places, buses and from some conservative mindset people but all women are ready to cross all obstacles coming in there way of success and they all count these difficulties as minor problems. Women of urban areas do not think that what others are saying for them and they are on their way to success.
The rising inflation contributes much in women empowerment and now women are working to support their families in this time of inflation. It is not the time that one person can earn the bread for the whole family and remain dependent but now women are sharing the burden equally with men. In urban areas women are performing all duties with full responsibility and now society starts giving credit for all the achievement today women are doing. Pakistani working women try to balance between work and her family.
Because family is Allah blessing and to unite the family and look after for its need is the responsibility of women and because of them only family system in Pakistan is much stronger. In my point of view Pakistani women should be the best example for others that how to maintain balance between work and family which is necessary for making healthier and organized society.

Pakistan rural areas are in hold of so called Zamindar, Jagirdars, Feudal lords who suppressed the rights of women and considered them as their property.
Rural women are working in fields along with men and doing all household work but despite of all the sacrifices and contribution she carries no right and has no share in anything and her life remain property of men who are dominant member of society.
Women in rural areas of Pakistan are in worst condition may be there are 10 percent of women enjoying their rights but I am talking about remaining 80 percent of women those rights have been suppressed sometime on name of prestige, her life have been sacrificed on the name of honor killing and other illegal customs which have no place in Islamic teaching and are man made rules for women and make their life like hell. These women have no education nothing they are fully dependents on their men and this is the reason that they can not raise their voice against any injustice done with them and if they will be educated than they can say no to the violence and cruelty done with them on the name of so called manhood.
Rural men think that if they do not suppressed the rights of women and hold their lives in their hands than how they can say themselves that we are MEN and he has all the right to crushed the rights of women under her feet because women has given the right to them to do injustice with them because they feed them and give shelter for living.
May be some of my readers will be against me that it is not true and if it is wrong than what about the case of Mukhtara Mai she was gang raped, Tasleem Sulangi and all such thousands of women killed on the name of honor are buried in Kari Graveyard built to give lesson to other women that not to think about living life according to your own will, and never raise voice in front of men for your rights and if some one did so than this Kari Graveyard will be your final destination.
Whatever Taliban government was doing with women of Rural areas were totally against Islamic teaching because Islam have given all rights to women and such illiterate people who want to dominate are using the name of Islam for fulfilling their evil designs.
Islam is such a religion in which women respect is so important that it can be proved from the saying of Prophet Muhammad that “PARADISE LIES UNDER MOTHER FEET”
Lastly I can only say that women respect is necessary from every aspect and they should be given equal rights whether it’s Pakistani society or western. West instead of raising finger on violated rights of women in Pakistan should contribute its share in raising the standard of living of rural women built schools for them so that they all get education, vocational training should be established which can groom the inner abilities and provide the opportunities of earning to women of rural areas. In my point of view lack of earning opportunities and education is the main cause of violation of women rights. If women will be empowered then next coming generation will be educated and women can feel secure and can raise their voice against their rights without hesitation and fear.
So this proves that women empowerment is very important for the progress of a country and nation.


  1. Nicely written.
    I am doing my M.phil in Sociology and have completed my Course Work and have started Research Work . The Topic for my Research Study is the Comparative Analysis of Divorced Women in Urban and Rural Areas of SIndh province. I need Literature for reviewing that I can move ahead further for writing Research Proposal. If anybody here have something relevant regarding my topic kindly do suggest me with thanks

  2. kiran kh says:

    A very nice combination of reality and expression and i must say good one from top to bottom….and all comments are useful.

  3. Amria says:

    Yours forget Muhammad Hamza Shahbaz Sharif this case of urban women and many moor………

  4. Ghous says:

    Its good words,bt i wil request,first fully investigat case of mukhtar mai,.secnd thng,i agree with u,women shld b treatd wel,nd wts going on n our society with ladies is shame for us.thy r killd withot ny reasn nd islam does nt allow us 2 decid abt ny1 destiny.kindly read Quran sura ahzab 32-33.so im a muslim nd as a muslim,im against,the working of women,bt n mdcl field it is necesity that women shld b presnt.women main duty 2 upbring children with good moral,she has 2 prepare a great nation.n my view,its cruelty with lady 2 ask thm 2do job,acordng 2 islam maintaince of her is respnsibty of husbnd nt wife.i cn say man is runing away frm his duties thrgh slogans of gndr equality n jobs.its nthng mre thn cruelty with women.if thr is no one 2 maintain her,thn she cn do.nd aftral evrylady hs the right of eductin (islmic,hme maintaince,how 2 care chldrn alng with othr requird eductn).bkz islam says stay n ur houses nd dnt display urselves like that of the time of ignorance.

  5. fahimjan says:

    Thats all about somehow about social problems of pakistan,that how the pakstani nation surviveds and how the taking of law in own hands trends took place and how latter the criminals elements got hideouts in simple and uneducated societies of pakstan.The remaining i treid at mail emais etc about the nayyab and wordpress but because of some errors i doesn’t get proceed the proccess.


  6. fahimjan says:

    Being a student of socialogy and literatures it allways remain facinating and interresting for me,to read about regarding such as topics to go and wonder for the study of different cultures and societies,history of civilization as pakistan is one the rich country according to different cultures. traditions but is one pakistani nation.About the culture of taliban its was basicaly the a part of afganistan politics if you read about the history of afghanistan.How it took place in pakistani society.i would like to say about it,that there is a lot cultures in pakistan and every culture has its basics which is avialible in thier folks way of livings either in thier folks life.with the passage of the time as the pakistani nation is from these cultures from which they are broughtout as devoloped nation as pakistan.i.e sindi.balochi,pushthons,pujabi,kasmiries as one pakstani nation.How the taliban type of culture took place in pakistan according to me thats because of the lake of unjusticeness in pakistan law and order when they were unable to provide the justice to such any one who was afghani or pakistan. in pakistan are pakistanies then they feel the need of self defence and in such a form some state actors also got the hide outs among them against pakistani nation and country as and .But its main reason is thats,that in pakistan the violation of human rights was going on and the law helpless.But now i am thinking pakistan law is retaining thierselves to protects the rights of any which pakistan either are the parts of pakistan society.


  7. lala says:

    Even in urban areas woman are entitled to the rights of being educated and work however their personal lives and decisions to marriage and family are still largely influences and controlled by men be it father or brother

  8. rightsnowpak says:

    English should not be a problem or issue because it is not our first language. I appreciate this effort!!!!

  9. BADALMOHIB says:


  10. mahgulnoor says:

    hay. this is good but plz impower the women this is to importent for all


  11. faheem says:

    Dear Writer,

    Nice expression of reality and event happens with womens in pakistan…

  12. ayesha says:

    hey …. lovely topic and you wrote excellent man..

    i really liked it , each and every line is saying the truth about the situatoin of women in Pakistan

  13. sidra says:

    its really good that you tell us about women situation in Pakistan and importance of women rights.

  14. shaista says:

    i got a good infortion from this website me have increased some use ful knowledge about women empowerment.i feel happy if i can do something abt this.

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  16. Faizan Rajput says:

    yar thts true…..but i think in any society if u want to change something you should do something practically by yourself……the point is tht if women want equal rights in the society they should come n grab it otherwise no other person can give them their rights……n i think women are raising their voice now……!!

    • shaista says:

      hello faizan, i read ur coments u rite can u tell us plz wt the field and somw prospective work can be done.i want to do sum research on this topic.i will b waiting for ur response if u can.

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