The changing trend of fashion is Pakistan with every passing day have proved that Pakistani designers are unbeatable. The recent event of Pakistan Fashion Week and Lahore extravaganza has proved that Pakistani industry is progressing. The international courage of both the shows portray the fashionable side of Pakistan that was hidden under the name of so called Taliban who always spread the message of violence from the soil of our country.
Pakistani fashion industry is booming and adopting changes according to need of times, some time I think that designers cloths are not wearable among common girls and they are only for models but than I satisfied myself that these designs are in demand in international market and there are so many designers working on the cultural theme of Pakistan.
The fashion shows have been done to introduce Pakistan through western perspective and culture. But one thing is lacking in Pakistan Fashion industry that because of new ideas and adaptation of western influence the designers throw back the real culture of Pakistan far way.
But this is something else may be my readers will considered me as Conservative Pakistani Women but I am saying what the common women is thinking although Pakistani cloths are introducing in international market but still common girls adopt fashion which is acceptable in our society and are according to our norms, and they look fashionable.
During the year of 2008, girls in Pakistan were seen wearing short kameez and really slim shalwar on and off the ramps. However, with the advent of 2009, everyone was seen wearing extra long voluminous kameez with bell-bottom trousers. Who knew that the bell-bottom trousers, which made an appearance during the seventies, would become popular in Pakistan again and now-a-days it’s the most popular designs among girls.
Fifteen years ago, fashion industry was still unknown to the Pakistani Society. Later with the formation of fashion councils and education centres under the enthusiastic few who wanted to make a difference and promulgate the very institution of fashion led the fashion industry took its concrete form from the old tailor (darzee) culture that formerly existed. Today it is one of the most progressing industries in Pakistan. Number of designers is increasing, new girls are coming in modeling field and booming fashion industry is also contributing in booming Pakistan economy.
Rapid change in fashion industry has proved the capabilities of Pakistani designers and it’s helpful in introducing the moderate side of Pakistan at international level but designers while making clothes should keep in mind the real culture of Pakistan which is one the richest culture of the world.


  1. Western wear says:

    Our talented designers always showcase latest trends at outlets just like Asim Jofa. His collection of western wear is fabulous.

  2. amnakhan says:

    Thanks for sharing an interesting post more everyone can Revamp your wardrobe with Deepak Perwani’s Formals collection exclusively available online and in stores.

  3. Shahzad says:

    I agree with you the designers should bear in mind and focus more on our rich cultural heritage and roots. The dress covering the whole body often makes the wearer look more attractive than the short and baring dresses. We live in a society where if a baring dress is worn by a woman the men ogle at the poor creature like an alien doesn’t matter if you belong the elite or upper strata of the society, men in our part of world are born to act and do act likely.

  4. sarahbelll says:

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