Flowing gutters, tons of garbage, broken footpaths, encroach roads and dug streets once again became the fate of Karachiites. New administrators have failed to provide any relief to the people. It seems that there is no planning in the city on the other hand water board is creating more hurdles for the people. Newly constructed roads and footpaths have been dug again for laying new water lines but I do not understand that why they did not think to lay new lines in the city when the roads were constructing. Do they even know that by doing that they are wasting so much money used in construction of roads?
Almost every area of Karachi city has been dug again, the situation has become so worst that from Saddar to Burns Road and other adjoining areas main holes are open and cover have been removed or stolen from some one and due to it their is high risk of fallen in these open gutters and life of many is in danger.
Crime is increasing in the city and almost every day basis we are hearing the news of dacoities in different areas of Karachi. Karachiites are facing immense problems; they are triggered by all the social problems which become the headache for them. Due to lack of government interest the life and properties of the people are not in save hands. Karachi police is said to be called the corrupt ones which only act as puppets in hands of criminals. People have loose all the hopes and only waiting for the rights time when the government officials will develop the sense of ownership for Karachi city and start working in it with due honesty and sincerity.
I also request Administrator Karachi Fazlur Rehman to look in to the matters which affecting the life of people roads should be properly built, garbage should be picked up on daily basis and all main holes should be properly close, chocked gutters should be opened up on immediate basis and strict action should be taken against encroachers.
In this way only Karachiites can take a breath of relief but no I forgot that summer has been started and KESC can not see Karachiites sitting in light and they have increased the load shedding hours and this problem can not be solved until next decade due to mismanagement, and non serious attitude of KESC.
Lastly after so many depressing situations I have one good new that The Hamara Karachi Festival would be held from March 10 to 24 under the aegis of Hamara Karachi Foundation and I hope that its celebration sends a positive image of Karachi to the world.
So enjoy yourselves Karachiites!

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