A tragic incident of illegal traveling once again come in lime light when At least Pakistanis 54 who were traveling to Dubai illegally by ships drowned in the sea around the coastal areas of Iran, Yesterday. Most of the victims belonged to various parts of Punjab. Two eyewitnesses of the incident, Yaqoob Khosa and Zahid Masih, told their families in Dera Ghazi Khan that they were going to Dubai by three ships via Iranian shores when two of the ships sank, and only their ship survived and returned to the shore. They said that they had started their journey on February 5 from Karachi.
Have our government ever think that why cases of illegal smuggling are rising in which so many lives have been lost. Why people want to go abroad for earn their living because in our country industries have been shut down, no jobs are available in the time of recession, rising poverty, increasing in unemployment rate in the country becomes the sources of such incidence. When employment opportunities will not being provided to the people and their condition become so worst that they even can not afford one time meal for their families so they take such drastic steps and risk there lives.
PPP Government has completed its 2 year tenure but not able to provide any relief to the people the only thing left with the government is fake promises of better Pakistan, 100 percent employment opportunities and so on. But the reality is that they are the one who is creating more problems for the people and due to rising inflation on daily basis, increasing crimes, increased in suicide rates, no employment opportunities, social problems these things have proved the failure of PPP Government.
So, they better resign if they can not solve the problems of people and control such kind of incidents which are occurring due to worst economic condition of country and rising poverty.

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