In Pakistani society, complex is increasing among individuals on the basis of caste, language, race and status. Previously it was not like that but now with the rapid urbanization, social change and adaptation of other cultural traits, we now become so much confused that we even can’t realize that what ever we are doing is right or wrong. We become a complex nation sometime we want to hide our identity from others and sometime we feel ashamed of our language what is it? Why we do not want to speak in our own language, present our real Pakistani culture why we have become so much mixed up that now we are in search of out identity.
Almost every one will agree with me that we want others to inform that we know to speak in English and we do considered Urdu as language of illiterates. In our coming generation English become such a complex, that if some one is not good in English language than he started to degrade himself and considered that he can not survive in the society with our having command in the language. Ok I agree that English is an international language and now it’s become a need of time and surviving without it is difficult but it’s not like that if you do not have command on that than you can not achieve anything. I have seen such young people those English is not good and they start considering themselves as weak. Have we ever think that why such attitude has been formed among us it’s because of We the individual living in the society, if we are good in something than want to take hold on weak ones. The difference in our educational system also contribute in rising complex among youth, and feeling of superiority if you have good command on English language. Because we are living in society which admire such people and feel good in devaluing their national language. In my point of view command on English language can be a value added thing in our life but it’s not like that without it you can not succeed and for this we have to change ourselves in this matter we should learn something from China the world next super power because they have no complex on basis of their language and values and due to preservation of old customs, tradition and importance of their national language they are one of the booming country of the world and developing nation progressing on daily basis.
So, English should not be a source of complex among Pakistani and we start feel proud on our national language Urdu because if we will give priority to our language than others will also respect its important. All the youth who think that if a person can speak good English than he is the most intelligent and capable person on earth so it’s not true because all humans are capable for everything but the thing is that we have to groom ourselves as we want too than everything will be yours.
The other complex which is rising in our society is regarding scarf and Abaya wearing women and girls we consider them as conservative but it’s not that, the women who are wearing scarf and Abaya are conservative and capable of nothing. It’s their right to wear whatever they like after all we are living in an independent country and most important is an Islamic country and there is no restriction on such practices and no one has the right to comment on them after all it’s the personal matter between them and Allah, so who are we to decide that if a girl wearing scarf is Conservative and that’s why she is wearing scarf and Abayas’
The question is that why we feel that and being a Muslim we should understand the concept behind women covering themselves and we do not have the right to even question on it, and if we can not stop commenting than should stop suggesting about them and putting them in category of Conservative people.
The only question I want to ask from my readers is why we become so complex that we are making life of others hell have we ever realized that if you criticized some one because he or she does not know to speak good English for them our comment can be so painful and can have great effects on their lives, and calling someone Conservative on basis of there dressing style is such a bad thing, and these things are becoming source of rising complex among Pakistanis’ and de to it we are going far away from our cultural norms and Islamic teaching and it’s also affecting the personality of a person whom we are criticizing so we should better change ourselves and try to avoid such situations and in this way only Pakistani society would become a Complex free society which is need of time.


  1. Piece of good writing , but focus on your English as well dear 🙂
    It’s not a critic , a sincere suggestion to make your blogs more famous and worth reading ..
    Thank you !

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