Rise in load shedding hours in Karachi has made the lives’ of Karachiites hell. KESC have crossed all the limits and due to prolonged load shedding Matriculation students are suffering, whose exams are on the way but can not even study. Load shedding hours in Karachi has extended to almost 12 hours and Karachiites have to bear the extreme hot climate with out electricity. It’s very hard for the people to survive with out electricity the weather has become so extreme in Karachi that people are facing extreme difficulty in even coming out of house in the scorching sun. But thanks to KESC that they made the scorching sun situation in houses also. No electricity, no water because water motors can not be run with out power and in the hot weather people are deprived of water for drinking purpose. The condition of Karachiites can not be explained in words the hell like situation which we are facing in extreme hot climate can not be explained and no other can feel the pain that from so much horrible situation we are passing on it’s all because of KESC. KESC has failed to provide any relief to Karachiites but the thing which I do not understand is that, why government is not taking any action against this corrupt and failure organization whose only job is to make the life of Karachiites hell and destroy the economy of Karachi. It is the reality that economy is badly affected due to prolonged load shedding of 12 to 14 hours and KESC officials has announced that there are high chances of extending load shedding hours so in this situation what will be the affect on industries. Industries in Pakistan is working in loss business have been shut down and instead of this situation government is not taking any action.
In my point of view it is the pre planned situation of all such people who do not want to see Pakistan and Karachi as a progressive country and city and does not want to provide relief to the common man.
In this situation Karachiites have become hysteric due to extreme weather and unannounced load shedding have aroused the violence situation among citizen. People are doing protest in which they are targeting government offices and vehicles to show there anger for load shedding but this is also not working. People have to bear this condition no matter what ever they do. For Pakistani government protest does not matter the only thing matter for our so called corrupt organization is how to make the life of people hell. And this is the reason of increasing crime and extremism in Pakistan because when people will not get the basis rights of life than they adopt the way of violence and in this way the society get disorganized and result in terrorism and extremism.

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