Pak-US Dialogue, NEED OF TIME

Pakistan and United States strategic dialogue would begin today (Wednesday) in Washington. The Pakistani delegation would be headed by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi while US under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would lead the US side. The US- Pakistan dialogue will proves to be a good will gesture for both the countries. Pakistan is a the biggest allies of US in the war against terrorism and due to which US have to support Pakistan in combating all the difficulties which the countries is facing. It is expected that in the recent on going dialogue between both the countries important issues will be discussed. Other than the support in fight against terrorism The US will be supporting Pakistan as it seeks to strengthen democratic institutions, as it seeks to foster more economic development, expand opportunities, deal with its energy and water problems, and defeat the extremist groups who threaten both Pakistan’s security and stability in the larger region, and American national security as well. Pakistan has mentioned ten topics, including health as well as science and technology Pakistan would also ask US to compensate it for 35 billion dollar loss which it had suffer in war against terrorism. Pakistan is facing a crucial time and facing worst weakening of its social institution which contribute in rising poverty and result in increase in terrorism in the region. This dialogue will be a positive change in Pakistan if US agreed to support Pakistan in solving the social problems which becoming the cause of Pakistan destruction and creating hurdle in way of progress and development. As a concerned Pakistani, for the betterment of my country future I can only say that US should support Pakistan beyond all needs and should help our country in every crucial time. Pakistan has proved to be the strongest ally of US and because of this war Pakistan has suffered a lot and what ever favour US will offer in current on going dialogue will be very helpful in rebooting the economy and for betterment of Pakistan’s social institutions.

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