Character assassination is one of the most important time pass for all Pakistani’s. It is the best thing which we can do and after that we claim ourselves as Muslim who is following the Islamic teaching. By doing that we are not following Islamic teaching but following evil teaching. Islam always spread a message of peace and love and all these things are against Islam. The thing which I observe in Pakistan is that we are good but we always want to discuss others and want to interfere in others life.
The neighbors living next to you will definitely take care of your needs but with that they want to add some spice in there lives by investigating in matter of other houses and they all love it. I don’t understand why its so, its like we Pakistanis are not grown up as our society values are concerned we always wondering that what others arer doing and we ignore all the bad things that exists in our own surrounding and family.
We only criticize others and want to show other down and in this we feel happy but I really hate it. We are saying its 21st century and we are on the way of progress and one day we will compete with developing nations but it will not be possible until we will not change ourselves and our way of thinking.
We always claim that we are accepting changes no it’s not like that we are as much backward as before. Our way of dressing and mode of living have been changed but our backward thinking remains the same. I give u one example if a girl is working and not wanted to get married so we started critiquing her and people start predicting about her that may be he loved some one or she is not a good girl, working so definitely be involved in friendship and affairs. If a girl converse with her collogue so many starts predicting that she is a characterless girl. That’s what how we think in the 21st century.
We assume some one by looking at her dressing sense and according to that we divide them in different man made categories. If a girl is wearing jeans so she is not a good girl must have involved in bad things doesn’t matter how good she could be, but if some one we look in veil so she will definitely possess a good character. In this away we categorize people according to our mental capabilities and in this situation also we claim that we are progressing. Is this a progress?
My readers will be thinking what I am talking about, they must be criticizing me on what I said about jeans and Abaya but I said what I observed, even I am conservative sort of person even I do wear Abaya, not because of society needs but I wear it because of my own will because I like it, but it doesn’t mean that people who are not wearing abaya are not good and characterless and we start criticizing them and start doing postmortem of there character, I hate this way of thinking.
I just want to say that please live and let other live and do not create hurdles in living of any one, even the one you hate it the most. Why we can see people living happy in there way the way which they preferred and I think what ever good or bad we are doing for that we don’t have to answer the society we have to answer about our deed to Almighty Allah. So why by doing character assassinations of others we are spoiling our heaven why? This must be the question which should be understood by all of us and when we understand the concept behind it than every thing will be alright and than only we can do real progress and development.

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