We are Muslims this is a sentence which we almost heard from Pakistanis on every day basis while commenting on others deed and for proving ourselves that we are away from all the evil deeds just because we are Muslims
I hate this thing when we are using the word Muslims and Islam just to let others know that we are good and this is absolutely not true we just say this because we want to hide our inner evilness and such acts which are against the teaching of Islam and still we are doing such things in our daily lives and want to save our self we call ourselves as Muslims. All my readers must be thinking that why I always criticized my Country and its Citizens, what ever I say is just because I want improvement in my country which our forefathers achieved after so many struggle and sacrifices and because of our wrong deeds and evil thoughts and acts we are about to destroy it. For, every bad things we blame our government and I totally understand because its Pakistan worst fate that the country is ruled by corrupt and polluted people who just want to destabilize Pakistan.
But we citizens are equally responsible for what ever happening with us. We are also contributing our share in destabilizing Pakistan. All bad things which we are doing under the name of Islam are actually against Islamic teaching. Islam taught us Love, Brotherhood, Peace, Honesty, Sincerity, and Care. What we Pakistanis are doing. Are we following Islamic teaching? No we are leading such lives which are far behind the teaching of Islam and sorry to say that we Pakistanis are the one who do every bad thing and also violate the teaching of Islam and after that also we proudly claim that We Are Muslims.
If we really want to improve ourselves and our society so for that the first thing which should be done. Is to understand the true meaning of Islam, the values of Islam for living in a civilized society and without understanding the Islamic teaching our society cannot be improved and we will not going to progress. If the evil deeds remain the same and we think that we will protect all our bad deeds just by calling ourselves Muslims so it will not be possible because for all our deeds we have to anseable in front of Allah.

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