We Need Change In Pakistan

Why it’s so hard to understand our people? Pakistan is the best country of the world and its people are really good but the thing is that we are not progressing is because of the mentality of our people. The coming generations of Pakistan want a change in a mental attitude of Pakistani people and if we want change than we have to change the old perspective which we are following from years and years. Why we are so far behind and the developing countries call ourselves as third world country but why it so. It’s because what the west is following is totally according to the teaching of Islam. The way they are giving rights to the citizens, all the basic facilities which are necessary for living are being provided to the entire citizen living in western countries. I know that there are so many problems in west also but the thing is that people have hope that their problems will be solved and being considered by the government on immediate basis. But in Pakistan the condition is totally opposite we are fighting with one another on the basis of cast, language, color and creed and on such differences we are separating our identity. The recent burning issue in Pakistan is about the name of the NWFP, ANP the political party belongs to that province want to change its name as Pakhtonistan and conflict is on the way between all political parties but I don’t understand that what will be the affect of NWFP when its name will be changed. Will it start progressing, will the problems will be solved, so nothing is happening than why we are fighting on such issue which is of no use and its not in interest of any one. If the name will be changed than this province will represent the particular community and this is totally wrong. By doing that we will increase the feeling of provincialism and our nation will be divided on the basis of language and this is against the interest of Pakistan and its people. The provinces is not being created for any particular community but it was created for all Pakistanis and they are free to just go to any of the provinces of their choice and live freely over their without any restrictions. We Pakistanis are only fighting on useless issue and we are the one who are providing harm to our country and because of this attitude we are on that stage when other super powers are implementing their version on us. Things have to change and it time for revolution. Revolution is a positive approach and it will change the thinking of Pakistanis. Its time that future generation should come forward and do something for changing the bad thing of our country. My purpose of critizing NWPF leaders for changing the name is just because that by doing so other nationalises will demand for there seperate identiy and Pakistan image will be affected.Some of my readers will be thinking taht why i am opposing the new name of NWFP. Its not like that i only want Pakistan to chnge on the positive note i am not against the NWPF province and its people even i belong to the same province and my fore fathers are from this land but the thing is that i want to see every Pakistani to be united and we should not fight of such stupid discussions and issues which are of no use.

3 comments on “We Need Change In Pakistan

  1. Naseer says:

    Nayyab, Since last few years, our politicians have been trying to raise the voice for “Change” in country. I truely agree with what you said that we need change in pakistan. But for how long we carry on shouting and demanding change and do nothing what comes in our capacity? Everyday we add more miseries to already ill condition of our country..Dont we? To change “mentality” of our people, we need to change the system, not just names. We expose our weaknesses to the world, we beg from the world, we adopt western ideologies, we run our education intitutions like business, we accept and give bribe, we break rule of laws in our own capacity, we lie, we run indian and western channels in our home…but we end up just swearing at our rulers…I argue with one of your statement that what the west is totally according to the teachings of Islam..They have strong systems, and the citizens fears from consequences of breaking the laws.Otherwise, we being muslims, dont even know the teachings of ISLAM. If you want to see the change, do let me know, i will show you “change” in Pakistan 🙂

  2. shabir says:

    really heart tuching blog …. hats off

  3. dua says:

    hmmm nice thoughts!!

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