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Today I will narrate the story of an average Pakistanis mentality that in what way we think for those girls who are making relationship with out the consent of their parents. We used to claim that we are progressing and adopting change in our mentality and now there is no such difference like boys and girls. We treat them the same. It’s true that large number of families has adopted the change and they are giving equal rights to their daughters but if parents are doing so much for us so we should also respect their trust and do not break them for some one you know for just few months. I was on my way to home when I saw Quaid-e-Azam Mazar what I witness there is unbelievable for others to hear who do not belongs to Pakistan. Quaid Mazar has now turned into a dating spots. The boys and girls who are cheating their families and without informing them they are indulge in relationships which are not acceptable in our society such people use parks, beaches and other public places for dating spots.
Why people do not trust there daughters is because of this reason. In my point of view the way in which our society is going is just because of lack of communication and understanding between parents and children. Half of Pakistani youth involved in dating with some one and are in relation, do not have the courage to inform their parents and because of this reason our society is going in a wrong way.
I don’t understand that what’s wrong with girls in Pakistan why they are cheating their parents if they are not wrong and they do not feel guilty from inside for what ever they are doing and If they are on a right way so they should inform the parents and I am damn sure that if the person u like or love is a good person than your parents will definitely supports you but cheating your parents trust is not the right option. Our parents trust us and let their daughters to study and go out to make their careers and most of the girls’ misuse the opportunity which is gifted by their parents for making their life beautiful with the power of education. I give you the example of my college one of the leading colleges of Karachi city in which girls from elite class usually come and study. The period of four years which I spend in my college I witness the girls exploiting their parent’s trust. Girls who are involved in some relationship with out the consent of their parents do every anti social activity. They go out for dating with their boyfriends without informing their parents on the name of education. I have seen girls who informed their parents that they are going to college and when they reached there, they call their boyfriends to come and pick them so that they can spend the time together by crushing the trust and prestige of parents girls risk their lives in hands of a stranger who they know for just 2 till 3 years. Is this way how parents will trust their daughter and others girls who are not involved in such activities will also be affected and life will become miserable for them also?
Now in Pakistan the situation has become so worst that guy consider every girls as characterless and ready to accept relationship.
I tell u one more thing girls involved in some relationship without the consent of their parents can not be happy and the guys on whom these stupid girls trust will also take them as second standard girls such relationship cannot be proved successful without parents support and without the support of parents such girl cannot make importance in lives of anyone even the one they love also. This what I think when I say such couples ditching their parents, that if they are not sincere with their parent than how they will be sincere the one they love.
IF you want to marry the one u love than for that u have to wait for the right time and if the girls will trust the parents and inform them about the one she love than their choice can be considered otherwise it will be very hard for such girls to survive, their lives and prestige will be at stake. May be my thinking is not right but this is what majority of Pakistanis think and we are not in a state to accept such relations which are made without the consent of Parents and elders. So all girls please do not ditch your parents and just concentrate on your careers and educations because at the end of the day you will get married, so don’t spoil your lives before the time.

One comment on “DO WE NEED CHANGE OR NOT?

  1. aquacraze says:

    why are u just blaming the pakistani girls here? Its the uncouth youth of pakistan_BOYS AND GIRLS- which is indulged in such activities. Henceforth both genders are actively participating in breaking their parents trust. wo alag baat hai, ”larka kuch kare tou koi farq nahi parhta..” Lets eradicate this sick thinking that has developed in our minds.

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