Education makes a nation not guns, but unfortunately in Pakistan we are failed to understand the importance of education and this is the reason behind our worst standard of education which is divided into different categories according to the class basis.
The present education system has failed to disclose before the new generation the founding reasons of Pakistan. The disastrous results of this negligence are now evident in every walk of life. The responsibility for this deterioration lies with influential factions, besides those in power. The most alarming aspect, besides ideological confusion and moral degradation, is the falling standard of education. Due to constant decay, Pakistani educational documents are now no more acceptable abroad. There is unacceptable level of class distinction in education. Because of this, Pakistani nation is most discreetly broken down into an upper English medium and a lower Urdu medium class. This trend needs to be checked immediately.

Urgent measures should be taken to improve the deplorable conditions of the state owned educational institutions. Effective education policy should be decided in consultation with judiciary, teachers, education experts, peoples’ representatives and students’ representatives. Further, no political intervention should be allowed in implementation of this policy.

Exploitation by private educational institutions in the name of education should be regulated justly through legislation. These institutions should be made to boost standardized education on the one hand and on the other, to embrace all classes of society on basis of merit.

The government should declare a national educational emergency and involve the whole nation, including the army, in waging a war against illiteracy.
More emphasis should be given to language education and mathematics at the primary and secondary levels. The unfortunate fact is that usually even our postgraduates lack basic skills in these areas. Language and mathematics are the foundation on which acquisition of other skills depends. Though much of the problem is due to poor teaching, yet curricula, texts, pedagogy and examination techniques also have a lot to do with the current situation.
A uniform system of education should be introduced gradually to eradicate the problems of multiplicity of systems of education. Two important things that the government should attempt in this regard are:

Introduce one medium of instruction. In the international environment of competition today, English has assumed unprecedented importance. Although Urdu will perhaps remain a language of our people for a long time to come, English has to be given preference.
The government should evolve an integrated system of national education by bringing Deeni Madaris and modern schools closer to mainstream in curriculum and the contents of education.

Reform issues also relate to the curriculum, textbooks, examinations, teacher training, school administration etc. Here, instead of reinventing the wheel, we need to speedily begin the process of implementation after critically evaluating the detailed reports and recommendations made by specialist international and national teams. Over the last decade every major educational issue has been the subject of numerous costly and detailed studies. Some are excellently done while other are only fair. But whatever one’s opinion on the final recommendations made in these reports, the professionals who authored them set out problems in clear and concise terms, marshaled data from various sources and identified various options. However, astonishingly no such study was referred to at any time in any meeting of the Education advisory board although these studies had been commissioned by the Ministry of Education.


  1. fifo says:

    What about the same frivkin syllabus being taught again and again. Oh I am so sick and tired of it. Teach us something new and different and something that will cater to our curiosities, modern teachers that help us morally. Instead of saying ‘beta this is not included your syllabus, don’t waste time on this..’
    Teachers should help us learn new things relating to our daily life. Pakistan has the worst education system. I’m not going to mention the school but that school puts Soo much pressure on it’s student it’s unbelievable, the principal of that school is so rude (it’s not a gov school). The matriculation system should be eradicated. The mental pressure it puts on the students is unacceptable. I hope more ppl bring change in this shitty so called education system of this place.

  2. rabbia Jameel says:

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  3. Burhan Ahmad says:

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