I was the one who rejected the name change of NWFP, but today when I say the feelings of a chai wala, who is Pakhtoon. He was so happy on this decision taken by our government and called it a Decision of trust and identity which government shown on the province people. Than I think if these people have no objection on that than why we are opposing it. If the name change is not providing any benefit so, it’s also not providing any harm to Pakistan.
People who are opposing should think that this province had suffered a lot and if the decision of change of name give them a little pleasure and they built their trust on government so the deal is not bad. The movement for renaming the NWFP, parts of which are now on the frontline of Pakistan’s campaign against the Taliban-led insurgency, saw many ups and downs over the past few decades as the country made its way though dictatorial regimes and democratic governments. I am not saying that only Pakhtoon lives in this province, I totally understand the sentiments of others communities’ living in the province but this act is in interest of all of us. Pakhtoons are the ones who are the most affected community in the on going war on terror and due to the name change which was proposed by them will built a strong feeling of trust on government and if the government will received the support of these people than we can defeat the Taliban in the ongoing war of terrorism in the Northern Areas. The new name of NWFP has been accepted as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and this give a feeling of happiness’ to all those people who wanted NWFP name to be changed chanting slogan “Al-widaa, Al-widaa, NWFP Al-widaa!” (Farewell to NWFP) was heard frequently. We can only hope that the renaming of most affected province of Pakistan by hand of terrorist adopt a positive change after that decision and through this the feeling of patriotism will also increase and all the people living in this area will be united once again against Talibanization.

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