It is the first time that such a wonderful exhibition has been designed specially for children and new generation to let them know about the struggle and sacrifices made by our fore fathers for achieving an independent home land for Muslims. The on going exhibition “Birth of Pakistan” arranged by Citizen Archive of Pakistan at Mohatta Palace Museum receives an outstanding response from new generation and people from all walks of life. The exhibition features a unique train journey from India to Pakistan, recreations of make shift government offices and refugee tents. It is a great chance for children to feel the creation of Pakistan by exploring the contents of a Sandook or trunk brought to Pakistan by a migrant, photographs and flim clips of major moments in Pakistan’ early history.” While speaking about the exhibit Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, President of CAP has said that “Through this exhibition feeling of patriotism is enhancing among new generation and they can easily feel the History of Pakistan” She further has said that Since the 23rd of March, CAP has given tours to over 1000 school students at The Birth of Pakistan exhibition.3000 more students are gearing up to attend in the coming weeks!. We get an average of 70-80 visitors every day at the Mohatta Palace. On the weekends, we have an average of 100-150 families. we are getting a wonderful response from the new generation. We have a number of volunteers from different schools and colleges- Every morning from 10:30-2, we have schools visiting. While informing Daily news about CAP she further has said that CAP is a non-profit, volunteer organization formed to foster, protect and promote the culture and history of Pakistan. CAP aim is to foster an awareness in our nation about the history and instill pride to be a Pakistani and about their history. The exhibition will continue till June but there are chances that the date will be extended because of out standing response. “The Citizen’s Archive of Pakistan uses interactive media to teach children about alternative perspectives on Pakistani history. Using material gathered from older members of the community, the Archive seeks to teach children how to think more analytically about history, their identity and where this comes from, and where this comes from, and works to disperse myths about the divisions about Muslims and non-Muslims. The archive is working with the Sindh Education Minister for Education on introducing similar citizenship classes in the province cirriculam.orks to disperse myths about the divisions between Muslims and non-Muslims. The Archive is working with the Sindh Education Minister and the federal Ministry for Education on including similar citizenship classes in the provincial curriculum.”


  1. I think it was a good attempt to promote the soft image of Pakistan.

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