who will protect us

When Pakhtoon Khawan will be a safer place? When this province will get rid of Taliban who are targeting innocent people, ruining lives of so many families. This is the question in mind of every one living in Pakistan. After the renaming of province the province people were happy on the decision taken by government in their favour and they were in a mood to celebrate but the bomb blast in which so many lives of innocent get wasted turned the atmosphere in to mourning. People of this province had witness blood and terror since last few years and life is not returning to normalcy.
The on going war on terrorism and operation which is under way by our forces in northern areas of Pakistan has control a situation a little bit but in my point of view controlling these Taliban which are increasing like pest in the world should be crushed down and brutally killed.
US is supporting Pakistan in fighting war against terrorism but it is of no use until we should stop the funding being provided to Taliban’s. But who is funding Taliban’s? Saudia or India, but why, what the myth behind funding Taliban’s.
The fact is that all those countries that are supporting Talibans just want to destabilize the country and can’t see Pakistan as a strong and developing country.
Some of the analysts of Pakistan are of the view that it is a sect fight and these Taliban’s are working on a mission to impose a particular sect on Pakistan but it will never be possible. What ever the truth behind it, the fact is that Pakistan is burning and its people are being targeted and Pakhtoon Khawan is the badly affected province and on daily basis the province people are being targeted.
As, a citizen we can just hope for the better and safe future of Pakistan and its people and can pray that for the eradication of Taliban from Pakistan which are increasing like pests and making life of innocent people hell.


  1. Wars do not bring peace.
    hopefully he will resist any attempts to open new fronts and instead will look for
    Peaceful arrangements through diplomacy and dialogue,not by force or coercion.

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